The Balance Has Shifted!

Reveals that were better than the massive surprise on Dynamite:

-Hornswoggle as mysterious GM
-Hornswoggle as Vince's kid
-Rikiski runs over stone cold
-DDP as the stalker
-Fake Diesel and Fake Razor invade WWE
-Dustin Rhodes Seven character
-The Shock Master debut
-literally any other reveal in history

Like even Tony knew he messed up cause he deleted his original tweet and put it back up without his overhyped line of the balance shifting in professional wrestling. I get promoters got to promote but can't that be done without totally blowing your credibility for at least the 3rd time in a year? And why even show the clip last week of PAC if he was coming out this week? Still wouldn't of lived up to the hype but at least would of been some great shock value like when Pete Dunne came back.

And at some point will it be ok to call out Tony for the sleazy used car salesman approach? He knew what he was doing last night, he was trying to get NEW eyeballs to tune in. And it worked, I never watch Dynamite live but I was invested and thought they were gonna finally make this a fair fight with WWE. I even hung around after the horrendous Cody segment with Shaq's assistant? or whoever that diva search contestant was. Which is why having a guy show up who is already signed to AEW and has been featured multiple times included last week was even more of a huge letdown. I expected Brock/CM Punk/New Japan level massive surprise and we get freaking PAC?

I am sure I am not the only person who thinks this and while he will probably get a nice pop in ratings for last night, it will probably due the opposite for the long run. And are they losing ratings at the end of shows, why such the big push to keep people watching to the end anyway? Tony even announced to the live crowd, do they have a problem of people bailing early? They had a great main event match planned, why was he so worried people would change the channel or leave?

I agree completely.  You’re probably shocked I know.