Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling

Hey Scott,

Hope you're staying positive and testing negative.

Just was curious if you ever saw Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling back in the day, if it came your way at all – I've been bingeing some episodes on a video site I probably shouldn't mention because of nefarious assholes and the like, and I like how campy and low budget it is. It just seems like it would be something worth looking at, in this day and age. Wondering if that's something you encountered back in your burgeoning wrestling fandom.

Also, I'm throwing my hat in the ring for going back to reviews of WWF All Star Wrestling. That whole time period fascinates me. Boring, but still watchable. In a twisted way, I suppose.

I never encountered Grand Prix, no.  Surprisingly WWE doesn’t own it. Especially if there is usable footage out there.  
As for All Star, I dunno.   We’ll see.