What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – August 19, 1995

This show is supposed to feature live footage from The Super Bowl of Wrestling but it gets off to a bad start when the opening with Chip Kessler and Les Thatcher has mic issues and they cannot be heard over the crowd in Knoxville, Tennessee who attended the show.  Why SMW decided not to edit this out is a mystery as it immediately makes the viewers dismiss the promotion.

The Undertaker-Unabom match from The Super Bowl of Wrestling is shown.

Highlights of other matches on The Super Bowl of Wrestling air.  These include the closing moments of Al Snow’s win over Marty Jannetty for the MTW Midwest Championship, the Punisher beating Bob Armstrong, and Brad Armstrong defeating USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Billy Jack Haynes for that title.

Brad Armstrong puts over his title win in a locker room promo, vowing to soon win the SMW title.  By the time this aired on television, Armstrong had already lost the championship back to Haynes in Memphis.

SMW recaps Ricky Morton’s departure from the promotion, which includes Commissioner Bob Armstrong’s announcement to fans at The Super Bowl of Wrestling and Robert Gibson resolving the Rock N’ Roll Express’ feud with the THUGS on the show.

After showing the Heavenly Bodies beating the THUGS for the SMW Tag Team Championship at The Super Bowl of Wrestling, Jim Cornette and the Bodies cut a promo where they say they are about to unleash a new reign of terror on the promotion.  Cornette says that the Bodies will find Ricky Morton and beat him up so they can get the other tag team title belt back.  Again, if the promotion could not get the other tag team title belt, why put it in a promo?  It looks second-rate to have tag team champions with only one belt.

The THUGS do a rebuttal promo as an angry Tracy Smothers warns the Bodies that a fight with the THUGS is not what they want to have.  The Dirty White Boy vows to come after Cornette, doing a nice job recovering from a coughing fit to finish the promo.

The Shawn Michaels-Buddy Landel match from The Super Bowl of Wrestling airs, along with the extracurricular activities that followed where Michaels and Brad Armstrong laid waste to Cornette’s Militia.

Michaels puts over Landel’s abilities in a promo, saying that he pushed him to the limit.  He thanks Cornette for the assist and he urges Landel to ditch his manager, saying that he does not need him.

Kessler interviews Landel and Cornette.  Cornette shifts the blame for Landel’s loss away from him, but Landel is having none of it.  He says Cornette is a screw up and needs to stay out of his efforts to win the held-up SMW title from Brad Armstrong.

Tune in next week to see highlights from Fire on the Mountain 1995! 

The Last Word:  SMW did a great job showcasing the size and energy of the crowd that came to watch The Super Bowl of Wrestling.  And it was a big deal for fans to see SMW stars face off against WWF talent.  The problem was, as has been chronicled before, the WWF talent almost always prevailed and SMW’s talent looked second-rate in comparison.  If SMW could keep showing packed houses on television it would do a lot for its image, but in a few weeks the company will be broadcasting new matches from another small venue and that will offset any possible gains from this telecast.

SMW ran several house shows in Tennessee the week after Fire on the Mountain with mixed attendance results.  Here were the results of those shows, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Lake City, Tennessee – The Armory – August 18, 1995 (76):  Killer Kyle pinned Johnny Meadows at 15:00…The Punisher beat Boo Bradley at 20:00…The Dirty White Boy & Bobby Blayze defeated the Headbangers…SMW Champion Brad Armstrong beat Buddy Landel at 20:00

Newport, Tennessee – Cocke County Fairgrounds – August 19, 1995 (650):   Johnny Meadows pinned Killer Kyle…The Punished pinned Boo Bradley…The Dirty White Boy & Bobby Blayze beat the Headbangers…SMW Champion Brad Armstrong pinned Buddy Landel…Brad Armstrong won a battle royal.

Backstage News*:        Although the Lake City show drew less than 100 fans, the promotion was able to draw a sizable crowd at the Cocke County Fairgrounds the next day despite a rainstorm occurring an hour before bell time.

*Expect to see Tommy Rich or Terry Gordy positioned as the next challenger to Brad Armstrong’s SMW Championship.  Al Snow might be programmed into a singles feud with Robert Gibson until he heads to the WWF.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for August 28.

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