Trade season

Wondering if there was such a thing, who would you trade from the women's rosters from WWE and AEW? I think Britt Baker and Big Swole would fit perfectly in WWE as they have the characters to really shine in WWE. Send AEW Nia and Natalya. Not a fair trade but whatever 

I dunno about Britt.  I honestly think that her character wouldn't work well in the WWE environment, because so much of it is based on her interaction with Tony Schiavone and the kind of offbeat humor that AEW does really well and WWE doesn't.  If anything I'd say Nyla Rose might work better in WWE as a version of Nia Jax who can actually work and would have a more suitable selection of opponents.  Natalya is probably a good choice to move over, she's a veteran and you know AEW would love to play up the Hart family connections with someone like Brian Pillman Jr.