Squashing Goldberg

Hey Scott,

I was wondering if you thought WCW would've been smart to build up a monster to squash Goldberg to end the streak in 1999, ala Brock/Cena at SummerSlam 2014.

Lets say Goldberg gets past Kevin Nash and holds the belt a couple more months. I think it would've been kinda shocking to see someone just dominate and squash Goldberg the way Brock did to Cena. No one would've expected it and it would've made the guy who did a mega star. 

Question is: do you think this would've worked at the time? If so, is there any wrestler that could've pulled it off? Wrath comes to mind but other than that, I can't think of anyone. Maybe Sid but he didn't return until the summer. 


They really didn't need to beat Goldberg.  Really really didn't. Bruno Sammartino was champion for over 3 years, TWICE, and no one felt the need to squash him just to make someone.