Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #394 (11/11/2000)

Happy Remembrance Day to all of you, especially those of you unlucky enough to have lost a friend or relative to war in recent years.

It’s taken me a while to sit down and write this one because I’m really struggling to find the impetus to keep reviewing these shows. I don’t know what it is, but it’s becoming a slog now and I’d probably like to review other things instead.

That being said, we’re not far off from the end of the run so I’ll keep pushing on, but if I feel that my lack of engagement with the product is starting to affect the quality of the reviews themselves then I’m just going to jack it in.

This week’s show is coming after November to Remember 2000, on which you can read my thoughts by checking out the archives.

Calling the action are Joey Styles and Joel Gertner

We open up with footage of Sinister Minister being tended to by paramedics after a pyro incident at November to Remember 2000. The police tell the camera guy to go away and he whines about it. The police threaten to arrest him over it, so he keeps filming it on the sly.

Joey says that the show tonight is dedicated to The Minister, and Joel goes to his usual dirty poem.

We get a recap of The FBI Vs Unholy Alliance match from November to Remember 2000, where Mikey had to bow out due to a worked shoulder injury, which led to Super Crazy making his return to ECW in order to team with Tajiri instead. The two long term rivals worked together reasonably well, but ultimately The FBI were able to retain when they pinned Tajiri.

The FBI and Big Sal cut a backstage promo, where Sal clearly implies that it was him who was responsible for Minister’s injury.

More November to Remember recaps. This time it’s Hot Commodity losing to Danny Doring, Roadkill and a returning Little Spike Dudley.

We get clips of Rhino no selling a guitar shot and pinning New Jack at N2R.

Danny Doring and Roadkill cut a promo on The FBI, with Roadkill destroying a Little Guido action figure in the background. Doring says The FBI have cheated them in the past, but they’ll take their belts if they get another shot.

Joel asks Joey who he voted for in the recent election and then jokes about voting twice, because you can do that in Florida.

We get clips of Tommy Dreamer addressing the crowd prior to November to Remember starting. He gets in the usual jab at WCW, as they were running in the same area the next night for Nitro (Joel: Is that show still on the air?) Simon Diamond and CW Anderson interrupt his cheap pop and demand he tell the crowd that his wrestling career is over due to them injuring him. That leads to an attack until Christian York and Joey Matthews run down for the save.

Simon, Swinger and CW have backstage promo time. CW dresses both of them down, and then says he’s going to use Tommy Dreamer as a stepping stone.

We get clips of Nova defeating Chris Chetti in a Loser Leaves ECW match at N2R. From reading the WO from this week, apparently Chetti had signed a development deal with the WWF, hence why they had to write him out somewhat out of nowhere.

Massacre on 34th Street will be at The Hammerstein Ballroom on the 3rd of December. I’ve thankfully already reviewed that one so I’ll just link it rather than watching it again, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Nova cuts a promo backstage about Chris Chetti, saying that now they are even.

We get clips from the Main Event of N2R, where Steve Corino defeated Sandman, Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible to win the ECW Title in a Double Jeopardy match.

Steve Corino is with Jack Victory (HIGH SPOT) cuts his first promo as ECW Champ, where he says he knows everyone in the locker room is going to be coming after him now to take his ECW Title. He’s going to get to everyone else before they can get to him. Everyone is on notice, except for Jack.

Francine is still whining about Credible not being the Champ. He sits with his head in his hands listening to her complaining and says he wants to win the belt again just to shut her up.

Cyrus enters Jerry Lynn’s locker room, where he tries to tempt Lynn over to the dark side, saying he can make him the ECW Champ again. Lynn seems to be thinking about it.

In Conclusion

Just a recap show, so super easy to skip.