Does women’s wrestling draw?

Hi Scott,

I was barely watching wrestling at all between 2010 and 2019 so missed the women’s revolution in WWE and TNA etc.  My question is, does women’s wrestling now draw as well as men’s wrestling in the US?  I’m sure someone on the blog will have data for that kind of thing.  And if it does draw, could (for example) AEW’s new 1 hour show be a women’s show?   Or could WWE have a dedicated women’s show.  That would certainly be different for a mainstream company.


Honestly it's hard to say anything is a draw now in the new reality of wrestling.  Some people move ratings more than others (Sasha and Bayley as a recent example) but all the money comes from the TV deals and they're not doing house shows, so we don't really know.  You can say that specific PEOPLE are ratings movers, but “women's wrestling” in general sometimes does and sometimes doesn't based on a lot of factors.  Although we can say pretty certainly that one of those factors is NOT Charlotte.