Raw vs Smackdown Survivor Series

Why do they keep doing these meaningless Raw vs Smackdown Survivor Series shows that have no heat, and once its over has even less value?  At least year with NXT, it was somewhat more fresh.   Does Vince just have nothing creatively or does he actually think
people care about Raw vs Smackdown Survivor Series?

Let me tell you my friend, since I am obviously more hip to the lingo of the youths and such.  The reason is that kids today, moreso than making their Vines and updating their MySpace lists, are all about BRAND SUPREMACY.  Let me ask you, when you walk into a high school, what's the first thing that you hear them talking about?  That's right, it's whether Roman Reigns could beat Randy Orton in a wrestling match.  What's the second thing?  Of course, it's who should be the team captain of Smackdown's women's team.  

I hope this helps.