AEW PPV entrances & Jay White’s stalling

Hi Scott –

I watched 8 hours of wrestling on Sunday to catch up on AEW & NJPW, and I got three questions for you.

On AEW, I think it's neat how they still do bigger entrances for the PPV shows. It's not a big thing but it lets you know the show is more important than Dynamite. It's something I think WWE could take note of, since they really only do that for WrestleMania. Did you notice that or just me?

Second, were we all wrong about the booking for Cody & the TNT title? Because it really feels like Darby got made at Full Gear with a secondary title, which is pretty damn impressive. 

Lasly on NJPW, has Jay White perfected the Memphis-style stalling before a match? For years, I have hated when heels stall too long before a match because (unless you're Jerry Lawler) you're not really adding to the story, you're just being a jerk. 

But White has taken it to a new level, and turned into a total mindf-k against his opponent, with the opening to tbushi match on Saturday being example 1A. And I cannot stress how awesome it is when he taunts the fans for not booing him because they can't. Can you think of anyone else recently that has stalled effectively? 

Jay White's character just annoys the f--- out of me, which I know everyone will say is the point, but his presence in the main event scene makes me groan more than want to pay money to see him get beaten up.  Maybe it's just me, I dunno, but Gedo hasn't exactly been batting 1.000 this year, especially with the EVIL stuff, and I don't feel like White is the guy to main event the Tokyo Dome show.  Your mileage may vary, of course.

As for the AEW entrances, I think they tend to do pretty big ones on Dynamite as well, especially Cody and Omega off the top of my head.