First PPV In 15 Years

Hey Scott,

Ordered Full Gear as my first PPV in 15 years, and one thing struck me.  When did AEW convince Jessie Pinkman to paint half his face nd carry around a skateboard? After his win over Cody, I'm looking forward to the blowoff with Mr. White.

Loved the craziness of the Elite Deletion.  But my question is regarding Jericho.  Is it diminishing returns at this point?  He's still a name, but the in-ring product just isn't there.  They missed a chance with not having a countdown before MJF came out, but the entrances were the most entertaining part of the match.  Is it time for Jericho to start winding it down?

Also, if Darby doesn't come out on Wednesday and start calling everyone Bitch, it's going to be really disappointing.
Your Breaking Bad references are lost on me, but I'm glad you enjoyed the show, too.  But yeah, I think it's time for Jericho to turn babyface and move into the legend role, and I think he realizes it too.