US Express Questions


I hope you and your family are doing well and the turmoil from the Saskatchewan Provincial election has subsided.  Was there ever a Midnight Express vs US Express match in Crockett in '87 after the Florida purchase?  Or at any time?   
Also, if Barry Windham had stuck around the WWF, even if only into early 1986, would Hulk Hogan have been stuck with the cartoon theme song?  Or does Hogan steal it anyway, much as he did from Paul Orndorff?

Man, don't even get me started on Hogan stealing that music from Mr. Wonderful!  

Windham and Rotunda apparently only teamed together one time in Crockett, as a part of an 8-man tag on a UWF-branded show after the Crockett buyout in 1987.   Which is really weird for two guys who are apparently best friends and named their children after each other.  

Also no matter how much I hate Trump, I'm still a cold-hearted conservative so the Saskatchewan election went exactly the way I wanted.