Smackdown – November 6, 2020

Date: November 6, 2020
Location: Amway Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves

Survivor Series is coming up and since that is all about brand vs. brand, this show and its major stories are almost going to exist in a vacuum for the time being. We do however have a big title match as Sasha Banks is getting to defend her Women’s Title against Bayley in a match that could be interesting. Let’s get to it.

We open with a long and rather nice package on Bayley vs. Sasha Banks, chronicling their team, split and the title change. Nice job on making this feel pretty big.

Bayley hopes Sasha got her photo shoots in because she’s losing her title tonight, like she always does. Tonight, this ends like it began, with Banks crippled in the ring.

Women’s Title: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks

Banks is defending and drives Bayley into the corner to start. A forearm to the face sets up the rope walk wristdrag to take Bayley down but it’s too early for the Bank Statement. Back from a break with Banks hitting the running knees in the corner and Bayley heading to the apron. Banks gets a running charge so Bayley tries to use her legs to send Banks into the post…but leaves her over a foot short, meaning Banks falls onto Bayley/the apron instead in a nasty fall. Thankfully Banks is able to get back in for two and we hit the chinlock.

Banks gets back up and uses her legs to pull Bayley into the corner for a breather. The middle rope Meteora (almost more of a Thesz press this time) puts Bayley down but Banks can’t follow up. Instead Bayley rolls to the floor and it’s a crossbody off the apron to take her down again. We come back from another break with Bayley catching her on top but Banks takes it to the floor. Bayley counters a powerbomb with a hurricanrana into the announcers’ table but Banks breaks up the top rope elbow.

A running elbow on the apron sets up Banks’ frog splash for two but the Bank Statement is blocked. Bayley kicks her from the apron into the barricade…and it’s kendo stick time. The referee stops that so Bayley brings in a chair, but Banks throws it away. The distraction lets Bayley hit a Backstabber into the Bayley to Belly for a rather hot near fall.

Bayley’s top rope elbow gets two, mainly because it didn’t come close to making serious contact. A belly to back suplex gives Bayley two so she grabs the Bank Statement on Banks. That’s reversed into a cradle for the break and they head to the apron again. Bayley’s charge hits the post and now it’s the Bank Statement to retain Banks’ title at 18:24.

Rating: B-. Some of those moves either not connecting or just not working well hurt this a good bit though they never felt like they were going long and that’s a great thing. Above all else though, they made it feel like Banks FINALLY defending a title was a big deal and that’s what mattered the most. Good match, though it needed to be a little sharper to really work.

Post match Banks celebrates but Carmella pops up on stage with a superkick into an X Factor. Well to be fair Banks needed a fresh challenger and Carmella is far from the worst choice.

Kevin Owens comes up to Jey Uso at the coffee table and asks why Jey is getting Roman Reigns’ coffee. Jey doesn’t like that but it was just a joke. Owens talks about the Survivor Series team instead because they’re partners. It seems that Jey has a lot on his mind though so Owens leaves him alone. Jey’s emotional stuff has been very sharp this whole time and it’s making the story.

Survivor Series will be the Undertaker’s Final Farewell. Cool idea, if you believe it’s his final anything.

Jey Uso looks at a long video on his aggression against Daniel Bryan last week, which did come with a win. He doesn’t like the suggestion that he has to do everything Roman says but here’s Paul Heyman to ask if Reigns authorized this interview. Roman needs to talk to Jey and he shouldn’t be kept waiting.

Rey Mysterio can’t find Aalyah or get her on the phone when Dominick comes in to say his match is now. Rey tells him to go find his gear but here’s King Corbin, Mysterio’s opponent, to jump him from behind.

Heyman says he respects Jey but he has to run things like this by Roman. Jey: “I have to run an interview on TV by my cousin???” Heyman: “I’m glad you understand.” Jey has to stay outside while Heyman goes to get Reigns, who isn’t happy with the interview. Reigns doesn’t like what Kevin Owens was saying because if Owens disrespects one of them, he disrespects the entire bloodline. Is that what Jey is going to allow? Jey says he’s going to handle it and leaves.

Reigns asks Heyman if he knew about this and Heyman seems nervous. Reigns says Heyman is supposed to handle things so Reigns doesn’t have to. He tells Heyman to go find Adam Pearce so we can solve this Owens problem tonight. Heyman looking terrified of angering Reigns is great and can build up to a lot more things later.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Rey Mysterio vs. King Corbin

Rey is banged up but has Dominick in his corner. Corbin snaps off a spinebuster for an early two as Rey isn’t even in his gear. A few more shots keep Rey down and Corbin stands on his head for a bonus. They head outside with Corbin missing a charge into the steps but he’s right back with an elbow to the face back inside. Rey starts fighting back again but here’s Seth Rollins for a distraction.

We take a break and come back with Rey hitting a springboard splash but getting launched into the corner. An over the shoulder spinning faceplant drops Rey again and Corbin hammers away at the back. Rey knocks him off the top and tries a dive but gets caught in a series of backbreakers. The World’s Strongest Slam gives Corbin two so Mysterio rolls out to the floor. Corbin is right out there with him for some rams into the apron and the bearhug goes on.

Rey fights out of that because it’s a bearhug and some kicks put Corbin down. The springboard seated senton gets two but Corbin ducks to the floor to avoid the 619. Corbin decks Dominick from behind, which earns him a slingshot dive from Rey. Now the 619 connects but Rollins jumps Dominick this time around. Rey breaks that up but now it’s Murphy and Aalyah (who is having some issues keeping her dress up) coming down as well. Rey yells at them and walks into End of Days for the pin at 14:03.

Rating: C-. It didn’t feel overly long but at the same time there were a few too many things going on in there near the end. I can live with Corbin going to Survivor Series (you knew it was coming) but at the same time, how much longer can they actually drag out Mysterio vs. Rollins? We’ll be at six months next week and it actually seems to be extending out even longer. Lucky us.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Natalya vs. Zelina Vega vs. Ruby Riott

Ruby has gotten a heck of a haircut and her remaining hair is dyed green. Vega is knocked outside early on and it’s Natalya slamming Riott down for two. They had to the corner but Vega is back in to knock Natalya outside and hit a hurricanrana driver for two on Riott. Natalya comes back in and gets Vega into the Sharpshooter. Riott adds in an armbar but Natalya lets go, leaving Vega to tap to Riott at 3:08. That was unique.

Rating: C-. The match didn’t have time to go anywhere but that was a creative finish and I can go for more of Riott in a bigger spot. She comes off as more of a natural around here and is certainly unique looking, so at least they have something a little different with her. It’s better than Natalya at least.

Big E. is in the back hustling people at Trivial Pursuit when the Street Profits come in to offer him a spot in the champions’ lounge. He appreciated the offer but thinks they’re just trying to get some information on New Day. Big E. has a tip for them: lay down in the ring and New Day won’t beat them up so badly. Maniacal laughter ensues and Big E. leaves, with Billie Kay coming in to replace him. She offers them her head shot/resume and says she has some inside information on the red brand. Dawkins: “Billie, we were on Raw at the same time as you.” Billie is stunned as they leave.

We get another video on the recent Murphy vs. Rollins vs. Mysterios drama.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Seth Rollins vs. Otis

Rollins knocks him down to start but has some issues with the power of giggling. Cue Murphy for a distraction as we see the Mysterios watching in the back. So much for those issues I guess. A backdrop puts Rollins in front of Murphy and the distraction lets Otis run him over. Otis looks at Murphy but walks into a Sling Blade on the way back inside.

For some reason Rollins tries a shoulder to the stomach, which works as well as you would expect. Shaking and gyrating ensue and Otis runs him over a few times. Rollins gets a boot up in the corner but he dives into a fall away slam. There’s the running splash in the corner but Murphy gets on the apron to distract Murphy. The superkick into the Stomp sends Rollins to Survivor Series at 4:34.

Rating: D+. You’re only going to get so far with Otis in a singles match and thankfully they didn’t go with a rather ridiculous move by having him beat Rollins. I’m not all that interested in seeing more from Rollins/Murphy but we’re way past the point where that is going to matter. Otis’ push seems to be done though and while I can’t say I’m complaining, I do feel sorry that he had everything pulled out from under his feet thanks to the pandemic.

Murphy leaves almost immediately as Rollins seems both pleased and confused.

Post break Rollins catches up to Murphy (he must be a slow walker) and thinks he knows what he saw out there tonight. Rollins nearly begs Murphy to tell him that he’s right. Murphy points to Rollins and calls him messiah, then points to himself and says disciple. That’s what Rollins wanted to hear and he’s rather pleased as he walks off. Aalyah comes in and yells at Murphy, who tells her to calm down because he knows what he is doing. This is for the greater good.

Earlier today, Michael Cole sat down with Lars Sullivan, who reiterated his hatred of bullies because he has been bullied his entire life. People have gotten on him for the way he looks, dresses and talks. Those bullies would shoves him down, steal his lunch and call him freak. When he was thirteen years old, he started lifting weights and gained 50lbs of muscle in eighteen months.

That stopped the bullying and he became the bully. He would bully the kids who laughed at him because they deserved it and he could bully whomever he wanted. Sullivan could make them say or eat whatever he wanted, like bugs. Or he could do this, and he screams. That’s intimidation and bullying and he loves it. These interviews are oddly working for me.

Kevin Owens is ready for his match and says he is going to have to fight his Survivor Series partner. Sometimes he has a bad habit of speaking his mind and it can get him in trouble. If what he said earlier got him in trouble, then so be it. Last week, Jey got out of hand with Daniel Bryan but Owens can’t talk much as he has done some questionable things. The difference is that he did them himself because he is his own man, unlike Jey. The beating Jey has coming is 100% from Owens.

Kevin Owens vs. Jey Uso

Owens grabs a headlock as Reigns and Heyman are watching in the back. Jey sends him to the apron though and snaps the throat across the top. The suicide dive is left a bit short, so Owens catches him for a toss into the barricade. The frog splash off the apron crushes Jey and sends us to a break. Back with Owens hitting a DDT and going up top but here’s Heyman for a distraction. Uso is not one to look a gift Heyman in the mouth and superkicks Owens to the floor for a ram into the steps.

Jey’s chinlock doesn’t last long as Owens is right back up with a superkick. Another superkick sets up the Cannonball and the Swanton gets two. Uso is back with a neckbreaker for two of his own but Owens is right back with the Pop Up Powerbomb for two as Uso gets his foot on the rope. Reigns’ music comes on though and Jey hits a low blow into a low superkick. The Superfly (not frog Cole) Splash gives Jey the pin at 11:27.

Rating: C. This was another storyline development win and it’s not like Owens lost clean. That being said, even though he is just Reigns’ minion at this point, Jey has now beaten AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens in a little over a month. That’s a good run for anyone and the match was pretty watchable. Well done on making a new star and having a great story to boot. See? It can be done.

Post match Jey poses with Reigns and Heyman to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. They had three distinct parts to this show with the title match taking up the first fourth, then a bunch of Survivor Series qualifying matches (with the Rollins/Mysterios stuff tied into the men’s) and then the Uso/Reigns/Owens stuff. That makes for a packed but also entertaining show, which flew by as it tends to do. I’m liking this show a lot more than I used to and so much of that goes to Reigns and company, because they are having one of the most interesting stories of the year. Good show here, even though it isn’t like to get much attention given the election coverage.


Sasha Banks b. Bayley – Bank Statement

King Corbin b. Rey Mysterio – End of Days

Ruby Riott b. Zelina Vega and Natalya – Armbar to Vega

Seth Rollins b. Otis – Stomp

Jey Uso b. Kevin Owens – Superfly Splash



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