NXT UK – November 5, 2020

Date: November 5, 2020
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

It’s the week after the big showdown and I’m not sure where to go from here. At the end of the day, Ilja Dragunov and Walter beating the fire out of each other isn’t exactly easy to follow and I’m curious to see where it goes. The Heritage Cup is still running around as well so they have a few things to do. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of last week’s epic title match with Walter surviving Dragunov to retain. They were both banged up after the match.

Opening sequence.

Gallus vs. Pretty Deadly/Sam Gradwell

Mark Coffey throws Sam Stoker around to start so Wolfgang comes in to work on the arm. Stoker’s dropkick allows the tag off to Lewis Howley, who is taken down by the arm. Joe Coffey gets to come in and crank on the arm as well with Howley not even being able to nip his way up to freedom. Back up and Gradwell gets the tag so Joe slaps on a headlock in a hurry. Everything breaks down for a bit so Gallus clears the ring without much trouble. We settle down to Gradwell slapping Joe and diving over for the tag back to Howley.

Wolfgang comes in but gets caught in the wrong corner. He doesn’t seem to mind as house is cleaned in a hurry, allowing the tag back to Mark for a headlock to Stoker. Back up and Stoker grabs a DDT for two on Mark and it’s Howley coming in to work on the arm. Gradwell is back with a quickly broken chinlock but a little too much trash talk lets Mark get over for the hot tag to Joe. That means even more of the house can be cleaned as everything breaks down. All The Best For The Bells finishes Gradwell at 9:47.

Rating: C. This was the welcome home match for Gallus and that worked out just fine. It also seemed to be the trio being full on faces, which they were around the time of the hiatus but it’s nice to get a reminder. They are good as a trio and that is the kind of star power that you need around here. Good enough match here, though little more than a symbol.

We look at how A-Kid and Noam Dar advanced to the Heritage Cup Tournament semifinals.

We look back at the Hunt turning on Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster while aligning with Eddie Dennis.

Earlier today, Rampage Brown came to the NXT UK Performance Center and seemed impressed.

Jinny vs. Aleah James

Jinny shoves her into the corner to start so James shoves her right back. James’ armbar only lasts so long as Jinny takes her into the corner for a stomping. A dropkick works a bit better for James but another kick is blocked and Jinny puts on a straitjacket choke with her knees in the back. That’s broken up so Jinny hits a rolling Liger kick for the pin at 3:47.

Rating: D+. Another match designed to make Jinny look good and it worked well enough. I’m not sure how far she is going to go while Kay Lee Ray is Women’s Champion but it makes a lot of sense to build someone else up. The fashionista thing is little more than a nickname as she doesn’t do much with fashion, and that might be the best course for her.

Post match Jinny grabs the mic and says that’s the killer instinct she can have. People like Piper Niven need to learn that so here’s Niven to interrupt. Hold on though as Kay Lee Ray comes in and slides a chair inside. She wants to see the two of them fight so Niven headbutts Jinny down and Michinoku Drivers James. Jinny is planted onto the chair and it’s Niven chasing Ray to the back.

Eddie Dennis, with the Hunt, talks about Mark Andrews exploiting him for years. Flash Morgan Webster is no better and now it’s payback time. What an odd combination which seems to work.

During the break, Niven caught Ray and took the title from her. I could go for a more aggressive Niven getting the title shot.

In two weeks, Niven gets a title shot.

Video on Rampage Brown.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

We go over the Heritage Cup rules.

Heritage Cup Semifinals: Noam Dar vs. A-Kid

They start rather fast with the rolling grappling into a standoff. Dar gets him down with a wristlock on the mat but Kid is right back with a headlock takeover. Back up and Dar sends him outside as the first round ends. Round two begins with an exchange of snapmares until Kid takes him down by the wrist. Dar is back up with a shot to the leg before going right back to the arm. The very spinning backslide gives Dar two but Kid reverses into a Crossface until time expires.

Round three begins with Dar hitting the stall button to take away the momentum in a smart move. Dar takes him down with some more strikes though and nails a running forearm to the back of the head for two. Some more shots to the head set up an Oomaplata to make Kid tap at 2:04 of the third round (9:27 total).

Dar stays on the arm to start round four and it’s time to pick the Kid apart. Some kicks and knees have Kid down but Dar talks a little trash, allowing Kid to take him down and bridge into a rollup to tie the match at one fall each at 1:27 of the round (11:42 total). Kid strikes him down to start round five but gets sent to the floor so Dar can kick the leg out. Dar follows him to the floor for a kick to the chest but Kid kicks him down for nine. Back in and Kid hits a running kick to the chest for two so it’s a high crossbody for the same. They go with the rapid fire slugout until the round ends.

It’s an exchange of kicks to the head to start round six and then it’s another pinfall reversal sequence. Kid’s kick to the ribs is blocked though and it’s a discus elbow to the face. The Nova Roller doesn’t work though as Kid pulls him down into the Rings of Saturn with his legs to finish Dar at 2:12 of round six (18:08 total).

Rating: B. This was a different kind of match as they were almost carving each other up with the strikes and submissions. That made it more of a match where they were trying to survive and catch the other and that worked out well. Kid is starting to shine like a big deal and if he happens to win a title as a stepping stone, good for him.

Overall Rating: C+. The main event is certainly the best part but this was a pretty skippable show otherwise. It’s certainly a watchable show though and at less than an hour, it’s a completely easy sit. One place where NXT UK needs some work are the shows where they don’t have the heavy hitters included and that was the case again here. Pretty good, but nothing you need to see.


Gallus b. Pretty Deadly/Sam Gradwell – All The Best For The Bells to Gradwell

Jinny b. Aleah James – Rolling Liger kick

A-Kid b. Noam Dar 2 to 1



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