Friday Night Party Thread: November 6, 2020

WE MADE IT!  And given everything this week, it is great to say we made it!

SmackDown is ongoing right now. because I am late putting this up.  Hey, I forgot there was an AEW Dark prior to Full Gear, sorry!  Anyway, my review of those matches is up on this website and pinned for review.  Only seven matches, so there’s no reason not to read it.

Once again, I’ll be in the Dark thread and not this one to avoid the political chaos.  So if you want to talk AEW with me, I’d be glad to.

Now, here it is, your AEW Match of the Week: Private Party vs Chaos Project!

All right folks, we went over the rules.  Obey the mod’s rulings and instructions at all times.  I want a good clean thread.  Now touch gloves, go to your keyboards, and let’s come out posting!

Enjoy the weekend!