The Nightly: November 5, 2020

Just making this quick because I’m too exhausted to be “funny”.

Also, for those chatters wondering where I’ve been, I’m staying out of election talk on messageboards because I have a feeling I’d be THAT GUY telling people to calm down and quit over-reacting to every little development.  I know my weaknesses.

Tomorrow at 7:30PM Eastern on IWTV, there will be a 12-man UWFi Rules tournament featuring a lot of strong style indy stars.  (Spelling intentional — they’re in Indiana.)  Plus, Dan Severn vs Matthew Justice and Tom Lawlor vs Stephen Bonnar, also under UWFi Rules.

Your Independent Showcase Match of the Week is in honor of the ROH Pure Title coming back.  Here’s Jonathan Gresham, Tracy Williams, John Silver, and Jay Freddie in a four-way match coming to you from Worcester, MA.

Bring the insanity… just not too much.  Actually, given how slow the count is, I’m guessing insanity will be provided.

See you when the storm blows over.