What If? Warrior doesn’t leave in 91

Quick question as I do a re-watch of WWF '91…know fantasy booking this era is a favorite of the blog, so figured I'd ask the question….

What if the Ultimate Warrior doesn't hold VInce McMahon up for money in MSG at SS '91? 

Does he go on and captain the Boss Man/LOD team vs. Jake, IRS and Disasters (instead of Sid originally before he got hurt)?   Seems like that role was meant for him with all of the Warrior/Jake stuff over the Summer. 

Where do things go from there?   How would Sid fit in?  Does Macho Man still come back?  Seems like there's a bit of a ripple effect on everything from here to WM 8 if he stays. 
I feel like it would have been building to Warrior-Jake at Wrestlemania because that's the easiest way to slot him in and obviously Hogan and Flair were in their own orbits and weren't going to involve Warrior.  I'd say your guess about the Survivor Series is the correct one, with Savage coming out of his “retirement” to basically play Warrior's part in the feud in the real timeline.