wcw roster talent


Let's assume WCW doesn't screwup that pivotal starrcade 97 and actually has Sting win clean without any fastcount shenanigans. Let's also assume WCW was capable of competent booking and storytelling going into the future. If you had to choose 4-5 wrestlers from WCW's loaded 97-98 roster to try and carry the company into the future from that point onwards against WWE, who would you have pushed in the main event scene for the next couple years? 

Thanks for your time!

They obviously dropped the ball on whatever Bret Hart had left to offer and he could have anchored their main event scene for years.  They should have just pushed Benoit as a top guy when they had the chance as well because he showed he could run there once he got to the WWE.  I think if they could have snagged a free agent like an RVD, they should have.  He would have fit perfectly.  And of course Goldberg.  And if Raven could keep his s--- together, he could have been much more than he was.