Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #393 (04/11/2000)

Hello You!

I’d like to say RIP in regards to Tracy Smothers who passed away last week. He’s popped up a couple of times in these Hardcore TV reviews and I really enjoyed his act with Tommy Rich and Little Guido in ECW.

It’s the go-home show for November to Remember this week (A review of which should be up tomorrow) and we still don’t have an official Main Event for it. They have at least pushed the flaming tables match between Da Baldies and the tandem of Mahoney/Willy, but that’s about it really as far as proper hype has gone.

Hopefully we get some form of card run down on this show in an attempt to entice any potential last minute buyers.

This week’s matches were taped from Battle Creek, Michigan

Calling the action are Joey Styles and Joel Gertner

Steve Corino and Jack Victory (HIGH SPOT) are backstage. Dawn Marie comes over and says she watched the footage back from last week when Corino kicked her and realises it was an accident, so there’s no hard feelings. How about that, smart babyfaces. Corino is cool with that and cuts a promo on Justin Credible and Rhino, saying that New Jack will be watching his back. Dawn is creeped out by having New Jack around. Corino’s dumbfounded reactions to New Jack’s violent angry promo are great. Corino says he wants Dawn to stay in the locker room, ostensibly because it will be dangerous. Dawn is upset that she won’t be on TV, but Victory points out that they are on TV right now, which leads to Dawn adorably mugging for the camera. This woman is a national treasure. This was a fantastic segment from beginning to end.

Joey and Joel are in front of the ECW Banner, where Joel does his usual dirty poem.

We get the pay per view run down

The FBI Vs Mikey and Tajiri

Rhino Vs New Jack

Jerry Lynn Vs Steve Corino Vs Justin Credible Vs Rhino

Flaming Tables: Da Baldies Vs Meat & Two Veg

Rhino does his usual snarling and growling promo

Opening Match
Christian York and Joey Matthews Vs The Unholy Alliance of Mikey Whipwreck and Yoshihiro Tajiri w/ The Sinister Minister

They’ve finally started dubbing in Tajiri’s evil music instead over Mikey’s Wheezer rip off, which is an immediate improvement. Mikey and Tajiri are getting the Tag Title shot tomorrow night, so they control things in the early going, although the young lads don’t get squashed and fight bravely. The action is good, with Mikey and Tajiri doing some nice double teams and the young lads selling them well as we take a break


Back from the ads, Mikey is flinging Matthews onto the metal railings around ringside, with York also getting flung into them when he tries to help. York is a good worker, but you can tell just from watching Matthews bump and feed here that he was always going to be the Shawn of the duo and arguably would have been a much bigger star if he’d managed to keep a handle on his personal demons. The young lads control Mikey briefly, but he manages to tag Tajiri, who destroys the young lads with some vicious kicks. Mikey and Tajiri crush poor York with a double brain buster and that’s enough for the three.

RATING: **1/2

Cracking little TV match that

Justin Credible and Francine have a promo backstage, with Francine suggesting she’ll dump him if he doesn’t win the belt back.

Little Spike Dudley cuts a promo on Chris Hamrick.

Match Two
Chris Hamrick Vs Little Spike Dudley

The deliverance like music they dub over for Hamrick is one of the rare instances of them getting that sort of thing spot on when it comes to the dubbing on these. Hamrick cuts a promo in his slack jawed yokel southern drawl, saying he hurt his leg whilst warming up and he’s going to have to skip the match tonight. Spike limps out with his leg in a legitimate brace, and throws some chairs in the ring, at which point Hamrick reveals that his leg is of course fine, as he starts choking Spike with his bandage. I like how the commentators didn’t even begin to believe that Hamrick’s injury was genuine, thus ensuring they didn’t look stupid. Spike gives Hamrick the Acid Drop onto a chair (With it being censored for some reason, either by the Network or originally. Either that or my screen froze momentarily) and that’s enough for the flash three count.


More an angle than a match

EZ Money and Julio Dinero run down to attack Spike following the match, but Kid Kash runs down to rescue him. Hot Commodity try to give Kash The Buggy Bang, but Doring and Roadkill are annoyed that they are trying to use their move and run down to chase them off.

Meanwhile, Tommy Dreamer is back, as he just stares at the camera and walks off.

Match Three
ECW Title
Champ: Jerry Lynn Vs Heel Ref Danny Daniels

This is the payoff to months of Daniels cheating Lyn in matches, as Lynn lays a whupping on him and gives him the Cradle Piledriver on the belt to pick up the win.


Exactly what it should have been. I like that they didn’t give Daniels any offence at all, because he’s a ref and Lynn is the World Champ. WWE would have probably booked that to go 8 minutes with Daniels actually getting a heat segment before Lynn only just beat him

Main Event
The Super Team of Justin Credible and Rhino Vs Steve Corino and New Jack

The pay per view Main Event is going to be “Double Jeopardy”, which means it will be Credible Vs Lynn and Corino Vs Sandman, with both singles matches going on at the same time and the winners facing off for the belt. Seems overly complicated when a straight four way would have achieved what they were going for just as well. Corino runs down to attack the two heels by himself to start, with New Jack being fashionably late as usual.

Once New Jack makes it down we get the usual weapons filled brawl, with New Jack and Credible going at it in the ring whilst Corino and Rhino fight in the crowd. It’s not bad as a bit of wild anarchic action. As usual New Jack spends most of it getting his stuff in whilst Credible is forced to sell and bleed, with the Rhino and Corino ebbing and flowing more due to both of them being willing to sell for the other.

Hang on, I’ve just thought; didn’t Corino win a #1 contender match last week? Why have Credible and Sandman found themselves in the Title match as well? I mean, Credible is the most recent Champ I suppose, so he maybe has a claim, but Sandman hasn’t been in the Title picture since he came back. We get heel miscommunication, as Francine hits Credible with the cane by accident, but the resulting roll up from Corino only gets two. Eventually the faces dog pile onto Rhino and that’s enough for three, as I guess they felt they needed to make people think New Jack had a chance to winning the belt at the pay per view by having him get a pin here.


Fine as a wild brawl

Rhino puts New Jack through a table post-match, but Sandman runs down and canes both heels to send them fleeing. He grabs a mic and offers both Corino and New Jack a beer, but Corino slaps the beer out of his hand and walks away, seemingly to go heel again. So much for his babyface run I guess. They had kind of killed his momentum with all the failures, so I guess turning him back heel was the only way to jumpstart his push again.

Joey explains the rules for Double Jeopardy again, because it’s that complicated you actually need to. Again, a four way would have been just fine, I don’t see why they had to try and get cute with it.

PULP FICTION MONTAGE, featuring Jerry Lynn, CW Anderson, Francine, The FBI, Rhino and The Unholy Alliance

More matches for the pay per view;

CW Anderson Vs Super Crazy

Hot Commodity Vs Danny Doring, Roadkill and Kid Kash

In Conclusion

Not a terrible go-home show, with the Corino turn at least adding some intrigue to the Main Event. That being said, the Main Event doesn’t really make sense and the rest of the card feels kind of thrown together. The show itself should be a good enough watch though when you look at some of the combinations, so I’ll probably enjoy it. Stay tuned for the review when it goes up tomorrow!