whats next for WALTER

I agree 100% with you about even after 500+ days its not time to take the title of WALTER, epsecially without a crowd. Covid put a halt on a lot of fun matchups during his reign. the Balor match in Dublin, which i think would have been awesome with that crowd, but now Balor is NXT champ so he is busy.  I thought and prayed we'd get a Cesaro match before travel restrictions stopped everything. Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic would have been great oppenents for a match or two. I've seen Ricochet sell a WALTER chop like a ping pong.  Hey whatever happened to that guy anyway?  NXT UK is just started to get its gears back and i think it will be awhile before another worthy challenger is believably presented.   In all honesty, i see Tyler Bate making the strongest babyface comeback but that's all i got at the moment. Or does Vince convince him to cross the ocean when its safe and have a food fight with Otis?
Current betting line is that Vince decides to make peace with the disgruntled streamers in the company by getting on board with that hot new Street Fighter 2 game and making WALTER into M. Bison.