The Tuesday Evening Election Thread!

Hey, it’s election night and the world is literally waiting on the results, so make it a good one.  Please, keep things civil and ordered, but if you MUST engage in looting, I’ve got a list of requests from Best Buy.  Speaking as a Canadian, America has one chance to oust the true Orange Goblin and hopefully calm the world down a little bit for the next four years, so please…don’t f--- it up.

RAW got absolutely destroyed by football, drawing one of the lowest ratings in the show’s history, but that doesn’t even matter anymore.

AEW Dark debuts sometime tonight.  Hell if I can tell anymore now that Daylight Savings has kicked in everywhere else in North America besides here.  I’m probably posting this thread two hours too early for all I can tell.  Why can’t people just leave the goddamn clocks alone?

Have a great night and best of luck to both competitors tonight.  By which I mean I hope Biden crushes him and the Democrats sweep the entire party out of power for a while.  Honestly, it’s just best for the world.