Jumping Ship

I am curious who think will be the first person to leave AEW due to a lack of a push or never getting the big win that right now seem only reserved for ex-wwe or BTE guys? I could totally see Joey Janela leaving soon as he has been made to look like a compete jobber but on the indies seems to do pretty good for himself. Not sure besides a paycheck what he is really getting out of being in AEW? 

My darkhorse candidate is MJF. He has been molten hot twice leading into two big matches with Cody and Mox only to lose with zero follow up. Luckily he has such a great character that he hasn't lost all that heat but personally I am shocked he doesn't have at least one championship reign. At some point they have to give someone new the ball to run with it and he seems to have the most crossover appeal out of anyone on there roster besides Mox, who is always better chasing the title than actually holding it. Brodie Lee is not the guy to grow the business and Orange Cassidy only appeals to a small demographic. Could you imagine MJF with the title right now with all this election stuff going on doing the political angle, they really dropped the ball on that. I think he could def turn the tide if he were to join NXT or easily slot in US/Intercontinental champ role and make those titles great.

Clearly we are heading to Page/Omega title feud which for diehard wrestle fans i think will be money but I don't it as enough to get them over that one million mark consistently. How long is MJF really gonna be happy singing and dancing with the inner circle which besides Jericho has basically been turned into jobbers. And is that really the best use of him?

I just think it’s way too soon to put the World title on MJF.  He’s still so young and he’ll be a top guy for a long, long time so why waste all your ammo on the first shot?  However, WWE has already cherry-picked a couple of guys and I think either Cage or Archer might be the next because they’re competing for the same spot in the same smaller pond.