Monday Night Raw – November 2, 2020

Monday Night Raw
Date: November 2, 2020
Location: Amway Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe, Byron Saxton

We’re on the way to the Survivor Series and that means we are in for some more building. Last week saw some of the Raw teams being set up but there are still a few spots to go. There is also a Guitar on a Pole match set for tonight, because that’s something we need to see. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of last week, focusing on the World Title situation.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Randy Orton to get things going. He talks about winning the title eight days ago and now he is the best of the best. That doesn’t do him justice though because eight days ago, he proved that he is the best, period. He is better than Edge, the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, John Cena and of course Drew McIntyre.

People have said that HHH took care of him when he started around here but eight days ago, he showed the entire world that he is the best. He is no longer the Legend Killer because he is now the best in the world. Cue Alexa Bliss to say he could be here. The Fiend’s lights come on but it’s Drew McIntyre with the Claymore to drop Orton instead. McIntyre dares Orton to give him his rematch and leaves. Cue Miz and John Morrison to cash in Money in the Bank but McIntyre breaks it up, saying no one is cashing in on Orton while he is around.

Post break Miz rants about how the briefcase was never cashed in. He is tired of not being treated with the respect that he deserves just because Drew can’t admit that his fifteen year journey is over. That’s why it’s time for someone else to become the new star of Monday Night Raw, so tonight, how about Miz/Morrison vs. McIntyre in a handicap match?

Here’s Elias for his match with Jeff Hardy, but first he needs to brag about how awesome his new album is. He can do some great things with his guitar, so tonight he is going to break it over Hardy’s back. We get an acoustic version of Amen, but here’s Hardy to cut things off.

Elias vs. Jeff Hardy

Guitar on a Pole, meaning you can climb the pole and use the guitar to win. Elias hammers away to start but it’s way too early to get the guitar. Instead Jeff pulls him down for a ram into the steps and there’s Poetry In Motion against the barricade. Hardy goes up but Elias throws a stool at him for the save as we take a break.

Back with Elias hammering and talking trash, followed by a jumping knee to the face to cut off the comeback. Hardy pulls him down for trying to go after the guitar though and the comeback sequel works a bit better. The legdrop between the legs has Elias down again and a hurricanrana cuts off Elias’ powerbomb out of the corner attempt. There’s the Twist of Fate and Hardy grabs the guitar for a shot rope shot to the back and the pin at 8:20.

Rating: D+. This was slow and one of the less necessary stipulations in a long time. Odds are this doesn’t wrap things up for the time being because one gimmick match is nowhere near enough for a feud to end. I’m not sure where they’re going with trying to find out who ran Elias down but it’s only so interesting of a story in the first place.

Women’s Tag Team Titles: Dana Brooke/Mandy Rose vs. Nia Jax/Shayna Baszler

Jax and Baszler are defending and here’s Lana to watch. Jax drives Brooke into the corner for an early crushing so it’s off to Mandy for an Octopus of all things. Brooke comes back in to knock Jax down for two with Baszler making the save. It’s off to Baszler, who is taken down with a double suplex for two. She’s right back up to suplex Rose down and yell at Lana, allowing Brooke to hammer away in the corner.

The handspring elbow hits Baszler as well and it’s a bulldog for two, even with Rose cutting Jax off. Baszler goes after Lana though and gets dropkicked through the ropes. Another Lana distraction breaks up the Kirifuda Clutch, but Baszler kicks Brooke into Lana, setting up the Clutch to retain at 3:35.

Rating: C-. Slightly better match than I was expecting, though you probably shouldn’t be having the new up and coming team losing, especially when you factor in Lana helping against the champs. Mandy and Dana have come a pretty long way though and could be fine as a plucks face team, as the division could use a lot more regular teams.

Randy Orton promises to give Drew McIntyre an RKO to remind him what a predator looks like. This has to be their last match right?

R-Truth vs. Bobby Lashley

Non-title, but R-Truth is a little confused before the match: he thinks he is facing the Waterboy, Bobby Boucher. He even has his water bottle to get signed. Once Lashley comes out, Truth says they’re both champions so no one needs to get hurt. Truth lays down so Lashley can pin him, only to get in a few cheap shots. The spear cuts Truth down and the Hurt Lock finishes at 56 seconds.

Post match Lashley puts him in the Hurt Lock again to leave Truth laying. Drew Gulak comes out to steal the 24/7 Title but gets beaten up by Lashley as well. Lashley throws Gulak onto Truth to make him champion anyway. After leaving, Lashley comes back in and…leaves again.

We cut to the back where Lucha House Party wants to win the 24/7 Title but run into AJ Styles’ bodyguard. The House Party remembers they were going the other way actually.

Nia Jax does not want to hear about Lana, who put her in jeopardy tonight. Just because she put Lana through a table? If Lana is such a fighter, come fight her.

Here’s AJ Styles, with Jordan Omogbehin, for a chat. AJ talks about how Team Raw needs a leader to bring them together, like….well him of course. Is there really any other option? His intangibles have intangibles. In his first act as captain, he is introducing his team. We’ll start with Sheamus and then Keith Lee, with AJ saying that they are the best of the best. AJ doesn’t care who he has to face at Survivor Series but Lee cuts him off to say that he isn’t intimidated by AJ’s big friend. AJ tells Sheamus to set Lee straight but Sheamus agrees with what Lee said.

With AJ panicking, cue Braun Strowman to say he should be on the team too. Strowman gives his usual aggressively scripted statement about why he should be on the team after beating Lee clean and having all kinds of Survivor Series success. Cue Adam Pearce to say he can’t find a Survivor Series qualifying match for Strowman. Lee cuts them both off to ask what Strowman means by clean. Sheamus wants to know why Lee thinks his opinion matters around here. Sheamus is ready to fight Strowman right now so AJ says let’s have a triple threat. If Strowman wins, he’s on the team.

Sheamus vs. Braun Strowman vs. Keith Lee

AJ Styles is on commentary and if Strowman wins, he’s on the Survivor Series team. Strowman knocks Sheamus outside to start but Lee sends Strowman outside for a change. Sheamus’ shots to the ribs are cut off and Lee tries a running flip dive, which sees him hit his head on the apron on the way down for a nearly horrible result. Sheamus and Lee slug it out on the floor but Strowman runs them over at the same time.

A steps shot to the face drops Strowman again and Sheamus hits the forearms to Lee’s chest. Lee blocks one of the shots though and Sheamus is sent hard into the barricade. Sheamus grabs a choke though, only to have Strowman drive both of them through the barricade for a huge crash. Back from a break with Sheamus….armbarring Lee. That’s kind of a downgrade but that could apply to so many things around here.

Strowman comes in for the save but it’s White Noise to give Sheamus two. Lee catches Sheamus on top (not with his awesome rising up from NXT though, because that’s too cool for this show) but gets raked in the eyes. Strowman catches Sheamus on top in a superplex but Lee turns it into a Tower of Doom to put them all down. AJ is impressed as they take their time getting back up.

Lee hits his running crossbody on Strowman and then suplexes Sheamus for a bonus. A knee to the face gives Sheamus two on Lee but Strowman is back to knock Sheamus off the top. Lee’s big clothesline hits Sheamus for two but Sheamus is up with the Brogue kick to put Lee down. Strowman’s running powerslam finishes Sheamus at 14:33. AJ: “I GOT STROWMAN ON THE TEAM!”

Rating: C+. There were problems here (I shook my head at coming back from the big crash to an armbar) but Lee didn’t get pinned and they had the right ending. Strowman is going to be important in the Survivor Series match because he’s kind of made for the wrecking ball spot in a match like that. Just don’t let him talk and everything will be fine for the next few weeks.

Post match Strowman says he doesn’t like any of them but Sheamus hugs him. And then Brogue Kicks him. Lee decks Sheamus and they crash to the floor. AJ drops to his knees and shouts WHY for the melodramatic moment.

Angel Garza talks about making you feel real every time you see him. Your cheeks will go read and you will feel butterflies in your stomach. He feels the same way about someone and knows she feels the same way with those lips and smile. This rose is for you.

We look back at the opening brawl.

Drew McIntyre says Orton has a 6’5 handsome guardian angel. No one is taking that title from Orton except him, so Fiend can back off. McIntyre wants the dream match with Roman Reigns and tonight, it’s all about smiling faces, which he’ll make when he has a two for one special later: Claymores for all.

It’s time for the Firefly Fun House. Bray welcomes us in German and dedicates this week’s show to three important letters: RKO. Abigail: “After what he did to us, Randy Orton can go **** himself.” Alexa Bliss wants ten cents in the swear jar so she can go **** herself too. Bray talks about Orton being a bad man and we see some clips of Wyatt Family Compound being burned down.

Bray says he used those ashes to create a new world….and we get a much more dramatic look at the house burning down. It can’t be that simple though because He never forgets. We see the Fiend, but Bliss has been practicing a nifty trick. Bray puts his hand over her face and Bliss’ eyes go evil as she….spits out some of the Ghostbusters II slime? Bray: “OH S***!”

Nia Jax vs. Lana

Before the match, Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce say it’s time for Lana to go through the table again. During her entrance, Lana says it’s time to stop going through the tables. Nia drives her into the corner to start and Lana fights back, with commentary putting over how hard she fights and never gives up. A headbutt rocks Lana again and Nia shouts that this is what Lana wanted. Nia hits a slam and plants Lana with the Samoan drop for the pin at 3:10.

Rating: D. I’m almost scared to think of what we’re going to get with Lana as the underdog who fights to the end because she really isn’t that good. Throw in that everything about her screams villain and that she’s more of a call back to the model days of women’s wrestling in a lot of ways and this could be a tough sell. Maybe not Nia tough, but touch enough.

Post match, for the seventh time, Nia puts Lana through the announcers’ table.

R-Truth runs into the Hurt Business and walks away, even though they still have his water bottle.

Here’s the Hurt Business for the VIP Lounge. MVP talks about how great the team is and Bobby Lashley is ready for Sami Zayn at Survivor Series. Now that Retribution has been dispatched, it is time to collect payment, in the form of the Raw Tag Team Titles. Cue New Day to mock MVP for being old and praise Shelton for having such a successful career. Cedric will be here for a long time too, but New Day has been successful for a long time as well.

Kofi talks about all of the titles he has won, including the one title that Lashley never won. MVP brings up the eight second loss to Brock Lesnar and thinks Lashley can do it even fast. That surprises Kofi because he didn’t think the Hurt Business would be hurting his feelings. Oh and speaking of eight seconds, Lana says that’s how long Lashley can last. MVP mocks New Day for not being serious enough and dancing too much.

Shelton and Cedric are ready to dance on their faces but Woods says the Hurt Business is just another failed 2020 startup business. The only profits New Day is worried about is the Street Profits and Kofi hits a very high pitched catchphrase. I’m not sure what this really accomplished but it was long and felt like they were looking for a point somewhere in there.

New Day vs. Hurt Business

Non-title and MVP is on commentary. Woods grabs a suplex on Cedric to start things off as MVP agrees that the titles are silver instead of gold. Another suplex keeps Cedric in trouble until a quick tag brings in Shelton. Kofi is taken down in a hurry so it’s back to Cedric, who pounds away and tries a monkey flip, only to have Kofi land on his feet for some dancing. A monkey flip drops Cedric on his face and Kofi adds a dropkick.

The double tags bring in Shelton and Woods, with Woods dropkicking him off the apron. That’s fine with Woods, who takes both of them down and sends Shelton outside for a dropkick through the ropes. Back in and Shelton knocks Woods off the apron, setting up a whip into the barricade. Cedric scores with a superkick for two and we take a break. Back with Woods fighting up so Kofi can get the hot tag.

The Boom Drop gets two (and approval from MVP) but Cedric hits the Michinoku Driver for two of his own. Shelton gets two off a spinebuster to Woods, who comes right back with the middle rope DDT. It’s back to Kofi but the dive is cut off by Shelton tossing him into the air. The Neuralizer into Paydirt finishes Woods at 12:52.

Rating: C. You might think that challengers talking about getting a title shot and promising to take the gold would suggest that this would be a title shot but WWE doesn’t work that way. I’m sure New Day will get the big match against the Street Profits at Survivor Series, though it would make more sense to go with the title change first. Hurt Business has been great and could go with some more success, so let New Day transition them to another team again.

Nikki Cross comes up to Alexa Bliss to ask what happened. She knows it’s the Fiend doing this but Bliss is stronger than him. Nikki makes her turn around but Bliss’ eyes are all freaky, sending Nikki running. What part of IT’S OVER is not getting through to her?

Ricochet vs. Tucker

Mustafa Ali comes out to watch as Tucker throws Ricochet off to start. Some kicks to the face set up the Recoil to finish Tucker at 40 seconds.

Post match here’s Retribution to destroy Ricochet, with Ali looking on. Ricochet asks why Ali is doing this and Ali says it’s about punishment. A double spinebuster plants Ricochet.

Sheamus asks McIntyre to be the fifth man on the team but McIntyre says his mind is somewhere else right now. That’s cool with Sheamus, who wants McIntyre to kick Miz’s head off. That makes two rather face like statements from Sheamus tonight.

Drew McIntyre vs. Miz/John Morrison

Miz tries to hammer on McIntyre in the corner to start but is toss into the same corner. McIntyre shows him how to really beat someone up and then punches Morrison down for a bonus. Now it’s Morrison being pulled in but Miz sneaks in with a chop block. A double backbreaker has McIntyre in more trouble but he sends them outside anyway. The reverse Alabama Slam sends Morrison face first into the ramp and we take a break.

Back with Miz and Morrison managing to take it outside again and sending McIntyre hard into the barricade. Morrison’s springboard corkscrew splash gets one on McIntyre and we hit the chinlock. McIntyre fights up again and puts Morrison on the top rope. The elbows knock McIntyre into the Tree of Woe but McIntyre muscles himself up for a release German superplex.

McIntyre is right back up with the spinebuster, meaning Morrison has to shooting star press the cover for the break. Morrison is knocked outside again so Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for two instead. McIntyre knocks Morrison down again and hits the Future Shock on Miz. The Claymore is loaded up but Morrison pulls Miz outside. The big flip dive means it doesn’t matter and it’s the Claymore to finish Miz at 15:35.

Rating: D+. I like everyone in the match but it felt like they didn’t have much to do during the middle section, leaving them to do stuff more than once to fill in the time. This was more of an exercise in patience until McIntyre got the win, as there was no way he was losing again here, especially to Miz and Morrison. Even WWE isn’t screwing that up (so far).

Post match here’s Orton with the RKO to McIntyre. Orton poses but Fiend’s laugh ends the show.

Overall Rating: D+. I wasn’t feeling this show for the most part as the time got to be a major factor near the end. There was a lot of stuff that felt either long or like we were just killing time until we got to the important stuff. The build to Survivor Series often feels like it’s a few different shows at once and that’s what we’re doing here. Odds are there is going to be a big title match on TV in the near future though and that is going to be a better use of time than almost anything else they could do. This wasn’t a horrible show but it’s nothing you need to see for the most part.


Jeff Hardy b. Elias – Top rope guitar shot to the back

Nia Jax/Shayna Baszler b. Mandy Rose/Dana Brooke – Kirifuda Clutch to Brooke

Bobby Lashley b. R-Truth – Hurt Lock

Braun Strowman b. Sheamus and Keith Lee – Running powerslam to Sheamus

Nia Jax b. Lana – Samoan drop

Hurt Business b. New Day – Paydirt to Woods

Ricochet b. Tucker – Recoil

Drew McIntyre b. Miz/John Morrison – Claymore to Miz



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