Dr. D Post-Stossel

Hey Scott,

Just watched the Dr. D

Dark Side of the Ring.  Why was 

Dr. D completely black-balled after this. It seems like he'd be some sort of hero or, at least, he'd have his profile increased considerably. Mid-South, AWA, Florida, there were so many territories in the US alone that would've loved to have had him to say nothing of Latin America and Canada. The episode even notes that Japan went crazy for the segment. He could've probably been a G-d over there.  

D  claims Vince had him blackballed but I don't buy it. All everyone talks about was that the promotes hated Vince's guts back then.  Heck, I don't even see why Vince wouldn't have brought him back after a couple years when the case had settled. He was still money.


I wouldn’t say it’s accurate that Vince had him blackballed but by the same token D was on the downswing of his career and a known sociopath even by wrestling standards, so there’s not many people who were gonna take another shot with him at the price he would have been asking.  I mean Warrior was a proven top star and look how few people actually booked him, for example.