Hello again, I hope all is well with you. Which storyline are you more intrigued with? Reigns or the Jericho/MJF storyline? I'm kinda divided, but, I feel Reigns has really hit it out of the park. Reigns has turned into the best heel in years and made Uso a top heel in the process. I really only saw Uso as a one PPV angle, but I am really enjoying the flow. Maybe I am strange, but I wish they would have kept the Fiend on Smackdown. You could have made Bo Dallas return as the Fiends crazy brother and run with it as a family vs family angle. 

I absolutely love the Roman storyline.  He's finally fulfilling his main event potential and just hitting everything out of the park.  Makes it all the more frustrating that we were seeing it all along and they couldn't or wouldn't capitalize on it.  

Also I have no earthly idea what Bo Dallas is even doing at the moment.  He's seemingly dropped off the face of the earth as far as wrestling goes.