What the World Was Watching: USWA Championship Wrestling – September 9, 1995

Doug Gilbert delivers a promo vowing to win the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship on today’s broadcast.

Dave Brown and Corey Maclin are today’s announce team and they are calling the show from the WMC-TV5 studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Brian Christopher walks out and complains that Doug Gilbert is getting a title shot because he is the number one contender to Billy Jack Haynes’ title.  Christopher complains that the fans are starting to like Gilbert more before demanding that Gilbert give him his title shot.  Gilbert confronts Christopher and says that he is not going to surrender his title shot and that he does not like him.  Switching tactics, Christopher offers Gilbert $1,000 for the title shot and a guarantee that he will get the first crack at the title should he beat Haynes.  Gilbert eventually agrees.

Opening Contest:  Doug Gilbert (12-10-2) pins the Masked Spider after a schoolboy roll up at 1:53:

Since Christopher took Gilbert’s title shot, Gilbert is taking his other booking for today’s show.  As Gilbert works over the Spider, Haynes comes by the announce table and complains about the Gilbert-Christopher arrangement.  He threatens not to agree to the change and defend the title.  It is not clear who the Masked Spider is.  The Headbangers worked as the Spiders in the USWA in the past, though.  A Spider blind charge allows Gilbert to schoolboy him for a relatively quick win.

Christopher comes out again and accuses Haynes of being a coward for not wanting to wrestle him today.  Christopher gets the crowd to chant that Haynes is scared, irritating Haynes who agrees to put his title on the line after all.

USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship Match:  Billy Jack Haynes (Champion) (17-3-2) beats Brian Christopher (30-13-5) via reverse decision at 4:13:

There is a youth football team in the front row and Haynes intimidates them by yelling at some fans positioned around them.  Haynes uses his power to smother Christopher early, using a series of suplexes.  However, Christopher kicks out and uses an enzuigiri to trigger a comeback.  The referee gets bumped when Haynes escapes a headlock, prompting Haynes to pull out a chain.  However, when he tries to hit Christopher the challenger avoids the blow and uses a superkick to put Haynes’ shoulders on the mat for a three count.  Christopher picks up the chain after the fall and Haynes shrewdly tells the referee that Christopher hit him with it, causing the referee to reverse the decision.  These two had good chemistry and this finish builds up another match between the two in Memphis over the belt.  Rating:  **

Jesse James Armstrong visits the announcers and narrates highlights of him beating up Jerry Lawler and Sid Vicious at the Mid-South Coliseum.  The footage is doctored to make it seem like the fans love Armstrong and that he pinned Lawler.  Maclin gets Lawler on the phone as Lawler is in Cleveland, Ohio.  Lawler tells Armstrong that he has never beaten anyone.  An irritated Armstrong tries to go after Maclin but PG-13 and Doug Gilbert run him off.  Maclin walks away from the announce table after the incident.

Jesse James Armstrong (2-1) beats T.D. Steel via submission to a cobra clutch at 3:21:

Steel loves to ask for rematches after he definitively loses the first contest, apparently.  Just like their last encounter, Armstrong slowly – and boringly – works over the perennial jobber before trapping him in a cobra clutch.

A video package recaps USWA Tag Team Champions PG-13’s feud with the Heavenly Bodies and other teams from SMW.

Brown interviews PG-13 and Doug Gilbert.  PG-13 hype a “Boys in the Hood” street fight against the Bodies in Memphis.  Gilbert is facing Tracy Smothers prior to that match, with the winner earning the right to referee the tag team bout.  Due to Gilbert’s past with PG-13, this seems like it would pave the way for him to turn heel.

Non-Title Match:  PG-13 (USWA Tag Team Champions) (35-15-3) defeat Axl Rotten & Reggie B. Fine (w/Brandon Baxter) when J.C. Ice pins Fine after a DDT at 3:52:

It looks like the Axl Rotten-Pat Tanaka combo that was supposed to make West Tennessee cower in fear amounted to nothing.  Baxter opts to do commentary rather than advise his team, irritating the audience by talking fast and screaming.  Ice and Rotten have a good opening sequence but Fine slows things down when he gets tagged in, reverting to his “I am bald but my opponent pulled my hair” trope.  Wolfie D gets the hot tag and sends Rotten out of the ring with a dropkick, allowing Ice to pin Fine after a sloppy DDT.  Rating:  ½*

The Last Word:  There was a good structure to the beginning of the show where Brian Christopher got Doug Gilbert to surrender his title shot, Billy Jack Haynes threatened to walk out, and then Christopher came up just short in his quest to win back the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship.  The rest of the show was not as entertaining, especially the stuff involving PG-13.

Attendance crept back into four figures for the Mid-South Coliseum show on September 11 as 1,080 fans paid to see the following card.  The results are courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

-Steven Dunn (10-2-2) pinned Pat Tanaka (0-6-2)

-Axl Rotten (4-2) wrestled the Spellbinder (8-6) to a draw

-USWA Women’s Champion Miss Texas defeated Downtown Bruno & Uptown Karen in a handicap match.

-Doug Gilbert (13-10-2) beat Tracy Smothers (5-3)

-USWA Tag Team Champions PG-13 (36-15-3) defeated the Heavenly Bodies (1-2-1) in a “Boys in the Hood” street fight when special guest referee Doug Gilbert hit Dr. Tom Prichard in the back of the head with a hubcap and Wolfie D pinned Prichard.

-Brian Christopher (30-14-5) pinned USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Billy Jack Haynes (18-3-2) to win the title.

-Jesse James Armstrong (3-1) beat USWA Unified World Champion Jerry Lawler (22-4) beat via disqualification when Corey Maclin interfered.

Backstage News*:        Bill Dundee and Wolfie D got into two fights at the Ripley, Tennessee spot show on September 8, allegedly over gimmick table money.  Dundee was reportedly selling photos of himself with PG-13 and Wolfie D wanted a cut of the money, prompting Dundee to pull a knife on him.  This was why Dundee did not appear this week on Memphis television or at the Mid-South Coliseum.

*Brian Lee has left the promotion to pursue ventures elsewhere.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for September 18 and 25.

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