NXT UK – October 29, 2020

Date: October 29, 2020
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

It’s time for one of the bigger matches that has ever taken place around here as Walter defends the United Kingdom Title against Ilja Dragunov. This was originally planned for sometime earlier this year but the Coronavirus changed the plans. The match has been built up incredibly well and if the payoff is anywhere in the ballpark, this is going to be a smash. Let’s get to it.

We open with a video on Walter vs. Dragunov. They’ve made it feel special.

Opening sequence.

Aoife Valkyrie vs. Dani Luna

Luna armdrags her down to start but Valkyrie is right back with a headscissors to escape. Back up and a knee to the ribs slows Valkyrie down but Valkyrie scores with a running dropkick to send her to the floor. Valkyrie gets dropped onto the apron though and we hit the armbar back inside. That’s broken up as well and Luna armdrags her down for a breather. Valkyrie gets in a Pele for two but Luna snaps off a German suplex. A regular version gets two but Valkyrie is back up with slaps to the face. Another German suplex is escaped and Valkyrie kicks her down again. The top rope ax kick finishes Luna at 6:05.

Rating: C-. Valkyrie being one of the next title challengers would not surprise me and that is a good spot for her. She comes off as a serious threat whenever she is in there and has a cool entrance to go with it. That might be a ways off in the future, but it might be something to look forward to.

Long video on the first round of the Heritage Cup and what it has meant to have the title around.

Rampage Brown is coming. Cool.

We look at Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews both being attacked by an unknown assailant.

Here are Webster and Andrews to search for some answers but here’s Eddie Dennis to cut them off in a hurry. Andrews doesn’t trust him but Dennis says Andrews is the most narcissistic person he has ever met. Webster doesn’t want to hear it, though Dennis keeps talking about Webster being taken out before his big singles match. Cue Pretty Deadly to surround Dennis but the Hunt comes in to even things up. Dennis laughs it off by saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer….and the Hunt jumps Andrews and Webster. Dennis approves of and directs the attack as we have a new partnership. Cool.

Piper Niven still wants Kay Lee Ray and threatens an injury, which lasts longer than a title reign.

Pretty Deadly comes up to Sid Scala and want a Tag Team Title match. Sam Gradwell pops in to say he’s back and then leaves, with Pretty Deadly going in their own direction. Gallus comes in to say Scala should do something about this and promises to be back to normal next week.

Another video on Walter vs. Dragunov, including Dragunov pinning Walter in a tag match after the return.

Jordan Devlin vs. Levi Muir

This is Devlin’s return and his Cruiserweight Title isn’t on the line. Devlin takes the well built Muir down by the arm to start and stomps away as the aggression flows early. An elbow to the face cuts off Muir’s early comeback attempt and the trash talk is on. A release Rock Bottom into the standing moonsault hits Muir but he grabs a rollup for two. Devlin swats away at a second attempt and hits an Alabama Slam. Muir tries a Samoan drop but gets crucifixed for two, followed by a kick to the head. The Devlinside into a Texas Cloverleaf makes Muir tap at 4:49.

Rating: C. This was all about making Devlin look like a star in his return and that worked fine. Devlin was on total fire before he was put on the sideline and I’m hoping he gets to come back and do the same thing over and over again. Good start to the comeback here though, and Muir was a nice looking opponent as well.

Next week: Pretty Deadly/Sam Gradwell vs. Gallus and more Heritage Cup Tournament.

We look at the Walter/Dragunov contract signing, which turned into another hot brawl.

United Kingdom Title: Walter vs. Ilja Dragunov

Walter is defending and Dragunov hits a running knee into the corner at the bell. They strike it out with Dragunov slipping out of a powerbomb and kneeing away. Dragunov knocks him off the top and hits the top rope backsplash, only to have to flip out of the sleeper. Walter gets in a slam and a kick to the back before sending him throat first into the bottom rope, causing Dragunov to come up holding his neck. Back in and Walter starts on the neck with a hard clothesline and the chinlock, followed by a knee drop to the head.

Some choking on the apron stays on the neck and Walter starts cranking away. There’s a stomp to the chest and a shot to the head gives Walter two. Dragunov’s comeback is cut off so Walter steps on his head. Walter knocks him back down again and then lays Dragunov across the top. Dragunov falls outside after Walter steps on his face to put Dragunov out on the floor.

Back up and Walter chokes on the rope but Dragunov reverses into something like Sheamus’ ten forearms to the chest. Some German suplexes drop Walter and there’s a third to really get the fire going. Back to back enziguris set up a dead lift German suplex for two on Walter. A bunch of stomps to the head have Walter in trouble but he forearms Dragunov in the back of the head. The sleeper is blocked but Walter pulls him down on the second attempt.

Dragunov backflips over for the escape and hits him in the back of the neck, setting up the 61Line for two on Walter. They’re both down, with Dragunov’s chest looking absolutely terrible. It’s Walter up first with more stomps to the head and chops to the chest, so Dragunov says do it harder. The huge clothesline into the powerbomb gives Walter two (that would have blown the roof off with a crowd) and the sleeper, with a bodyscissors, goes on. Walter switches to a dragon sleeper before kicking him in the back to set up the regular sleeper again.

Dragunov headbutts his way out, even if he damages his neck again in the process. Some knees to the face and a double chop have Walter out on his knees and it’s a missile dropkick for a great two. They’re both down again so Walter shouts at him and they chop it out even more. Dragunov manages a suplex for another two but the neck gives out on the Torpedo Moscow attempt.

Instead it’s…I think a running knee to the head (maybe a Blockbuster) for two more on Walter. Dragunov elbows him in the head so Walter rolls outside where it’s a sleeper suplex to drop Dragunov on his head. Walter hits the apron powerbomb and then a regular one back inside. The top rope splash…only gets two, and Walter isn’t pleased. He unloads with shots to the face and grabs the sleeper with a bodyscissors. Dragunov is bleeding from the mouth and out cold so the referee finally stops it at 25:10.

Rating: A. They built this up for months and then delivered in spades. This was outstanding and that’s all you can expect from a big time Walter match. No one brings the big fight collision like he does as every time it feels like his challengers are throwing the world at him, only to have Walter take everything they have and hit right back even harder.

Dragunov looked like a star here and he never gave up, which is one of the best ways imaginable to earn respect. That and beating the heck out of Walter of course. This was great and is well worth your time if you want the brutal fight style. Star making performance for Dragunov, and another star confirming performance for Walter.

Dragunov is out and even Walter looks concerned as referees get him to his feet to end the show.

Overall Rating: A-. This show was built around one match and that was as good as you could have imagined. The rest of the show was just there and that’s all well and good because it was a one match show throughout. The bottom of the card needs some work but the top of NXT UK’s roster is outstanding and I’m really curious to see who is next for Walter. And Devlin for that matter, as we now have a second star in the making. Great show, with a phenomenal main event.


Aoife Valkyrie b. Dani Luna – Top rope ax kick

Jordan Devlin b. Levi Muir – Texas Cloverleaf

Walter b. Ilja Dragunov via referee stoppage



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