Match Review Compilations

Hey Scott

Just piggybacking off of the guy who recommended WALTER vs Ilja (it's great) and also wondering if you've ever considered doing rants on a few individual matches in lieu of a whole show. Reviews of WALTER vs Ilja, something like Ibushi vs Suzuki from this year's
G1, and maybe a match from a show that you haven't ranted on for years or that you never did a rant on to begin with would take up the same amount of time as an episode of Velocity but the match quality would arguably be higher. You could even have people
vote on the matches they want to see ranted on.

I do need to re-sub to New Japan World at some point and I know there's a bunch of stuff from the G1 that I should watch.  But yeah, the match compilation idea is one that I've tried a few times before with varying degrees of success.  I liked doing the Hidden Gems stuff a lot before they killed that off. 

I have also toyed with the idea maintaining some kind of rotating “What should I watch next?” poll on the blog because god knows there's many nights when I'm at a loss for what I want to watch and I just end up doing Superstars or TNT or whatever.