Friday Night Party Thread: October 30, 2020

We made it!

Tomorrow is Halloween, so be prepared for someone to think it’s funny to dress as a virus.  Assuming your precinct even allows a Halloween party, although I bet there will be idiot teenagers holding one anyway.

Just a note: normally we’d be complaining about long AEW Dark shows, but just this once, I wouldn’t mind if the show goes long so I have an excuse not to watch political stuff.  There’s only so much blah blah blah I can handle.

SmackDown is ready to start building to Survivor Series, where they will be defending the honor of the brand and fighting for… something… material… maybe?  Yeah.

Not gonna lie, this is kind of a welcome calm before the storm.  So for me, I’m going to go to IWTV.  Deathmatch legend Matt Tremont is having his final match tonight against Rickey Shane Page during Night 1 of the Danny Havoc Memorial Cup.  Also, my man Tim Donst is in tournament action.  So at least there’s something.

All right, guys, I want a good clean thread.  We went over the rules in the back.  Remember to respect the mod’s rulings at all times.  Now, touch gloves, go to your keyboards, and come out posting!

Enjoy the weekend!  And now, here it is: your Moment of Zen.