The PRIME TIME Thursday Night Thread: October 29, 2020

“Good evening, wrestling fans, and welcome to Prime Time Thursday.  I’m Gorilla Monsoon alongside Bobby Heenan, and Brain, it all comes down to two men in AEW.”

“And what a coincidence — they used to be tag team partners and everyone wants them to fight!  Who could have seen this coming except everyone?”

“Certainly we knew Kenny Omega would be motivated to show why he’s considered one of the greatest in the world today, and now his former partner Adam Page awaits him!”

“Adam’s probably preparing for a handicap match.”

“A handicap match?  It’s going to be 1 on 1.”

“Sure, but Page will be seeing two Kennys in the ring after going through the whiskey.”

“I’m sorry I asked.  In addition to that and the rest of Full Gear, we know that Survivor Series is just around the corner!  Teams of five strive to survive in the WWE Thunderdome!”

“It’s a great time to be with your family around Thanksgiving, Monsoon; and it was always a great time to be with my Family.  Survivor Series was when we showed what we were made of!”

“…I seem to remember the one time you teamed as a family, you lost.”

“Hey!  We got a bad hand!  Jack Tunney planted some substances in Tully Blanchard’s bag!”

“Highly unlikely.”

“…of course, knowing Tunney, it was probably his Geritol powder that he passed off as something else.”

“HA!  Is that your best excuse?  No wonder they call you the Weasel!”

“Hey, knock it off, Ape Man, or I’ll have you thrown out of here back to the zoo.”

“I’ll have YOU taken out of here!  Folks, in honor of Halloween, we present our feature bout coming from up in Maine, as the Australian sensation Shazza McKenzie takes on a lady who’s always in costume, Allie Kat!”

“She acts like a cat in there?  Folks, it’s like Bob Barker said, have your ham-and-eggers spayed and neutered.”

“That’s enough out of you!”

(Okay, so apart from the whiskers, there’s no real cat outfit going on.  Whatever.)

Bring the insanity!