Occam’s “Survivor Series”

I complain about this every year, but I just don't understand why Vince keeps insisting on having faces and heels team up for the sake of “brand loyalty”. Wouldn't it make infinitely more sense to just do one match of Raw faces vs. SD heels, and a second match of Raw heels vs. SD faces?

Or at least give the faces and heels some incentive to work together. Something like the survivors getting a shot at the title (in a multi-person match) at the next PPV. Raw wins and has three survivors? Then those three go on to meet Orton in a four-way “TLC” match the following month.


Survivor Series has become such a skippable show for me.  No stakes, no storylines outside of “which geek gets to captain the team of geeks” and just some fellas having matches.