My favorite thing about AEW

The company doesn’t treat us, or its characters like morons. With regard to the MJF/Jericho build.

First, MJF both call each losers under their breath as they walk away from each other after patronizing each other. They both acknowledge they did it, but lie about why. They do a deliberately over the top musical number as dickhead rivals who see value in partnership, but who actually hate each other. If you’ve ever worked in a big corporate environment, you recognize this basic energy taken to its absurd conclusion via Le Dinner Debonair.

My favorite little subtle thing is the conclusion of the town hall when Ortiz says “Me and Sammy, we don’t like you. Santana is kinda in the middle. Don’t think you’re making it to Full Gear because me and Sammy are fighting you and Wardlow next week.” Jericho and Santana just shrug.

Friends and colleagues can have disagreements! Not everything has to be this one note spoon feeding that WWE gives us with Michael Cole underlining and highlighting the point for us over and over again. It’s fun as a viewer to pick up some of the subtext on our own.

No question here, I suppose. Just a simple statement of enjoyment for a product I’m supremely digging.

Jon Eks

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