What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – August 12, 1995

Chip Kessler and Les Thatcher are calling the action and they are concluding the tapings from Jellico, Tennessee.  This is also the go home show for Fire on the Mountain.

Jim Cornette tells Kessler and Thatcher that Brad Armstrong has no chance against his militia in a gauntlet match.

Opening Gauntlet Match #1:  Brad Armstrong (w/Bob Armstrong) (6-0) beats Al Snow (w/Cornette’s Militia) (2-4-1) after a side Russian leg sweep at 3:05:

Thatcher makes a good observation that the Militia is using Snow in the leadoff spot because he is the fastest of their stable and can tired Armstrong out if he fails to beat him.  Armstrong and Snow trade some basic offense, hemmed in by the time constraints of the match, and Snow misses a moonsault off the second rope, allowing Armstrong to hit his finisher.  Rating:  **

Gauntlet Match #2:  Brad Armstrong (w/Bob Armstrong) (7-0) beats Unabom (w/Cornette’s Militia) (2-3) after a side Russian leg sweep at 2:06:

Armstrong is already tiring, so Unabom lays in some strikes and slams for near-falls.  Buddy Landel hops on the apron for some reason, so Armstrong rams Unabom into him and uses the side Russian leg sweep to put away the big man to keep advancing through the gauntlet.

Gauntlet Match #3:  Buddy Landel (w/Cornette’s Militia) (13-12-1) pins Brad Armstrong (w/Bob Armstrong) (8-0) after using Jim Cornette’s tennis racquet in three seconds:

As referee Mark Curtis tries to figure out who the next entrant will be in the gauntlet match, Landel sneaks behind Armstrong with Cornette’s tennis racquet and blasts him in the back to score the win for the Militia.

Thatcher interviews Bob and Brad.  Brad vows to pound Landel into submission at Fire on the Mountain.  Bob says there will be blood flowing from the mountain after he beats Cornette.

After highlights of last week’s tag team main event are shown, Cornette, the Punisher, and Tommy Rich cut a promo.  Cornette says there will be no tag team match at Fire on the Mountain between the Punisher and Rich against Boo Bradley and the Mongolian Stomper because Bradley will not make it through his blindfold match against Rich earlier in the evening.

Thatcher interviews the Dynamic Duo, Cornette, and the Punisher.  Cornette guarantees that the Duo will get the SMW Tag Team Championship back.  Al Snow is upset over losing in the gauntlet match to Brad Armstrong earlier in the show.  He wishes death on Bob Armstrong, who he blames for causing the Duo to lose the tag team titles to the THUGS several weeks ago.

A lengthy video package recaps the career of Ron Wright, plugging his lawn and gardening business in Kingsport, Tennessee.  He also puts over his wife’s awards in go kart racing and says that the Dirty White Boy is the SMW star he most admires.

Kessler recaps the results from The Super Bowl of Wrestling, saying that footage from the show will be on next week’s telecast.  The most important news he breaks for fans is that Ricky Morton is gone from SMW.

Non-Title Match:  The Rock N’ Roll Express (7-3) beat PG-13 (USWA Tag Team Champions) (3-0) via disqualification when the Headbangers interfere at 45 seconds shown:

The match is joined in progress after Robert Gibson gets a hot tag.  The Express flatten Wolfie D with a double dropkick, but the Headbangers run in before referee Mark Curtis can count the fall for a disqualification.

After the bell, the Headbangers try to put a dress on Ricky Morton.  The Dynamic Duo come in to help with the beatdown, only to be driven off by the THUGS.  However, when Morton gets the dress off his face, he thinks the THUGS were beating on him, so he gets into a fight with Tracy Smothers.

Footage from The Super Bowl of Wrestling where Bob Armstrong and Robert Gibson announced Morton’s departure from the promotion and the Heavenly Bodies beating the THUGS for the SMW Tag Team Championship are shown.

Fixes for Fire on the Mountain includes the Headbangers facing Robert Gibson in a handicap match where if Gibson loses, he has to wear a dress.  And the THUGS get a return match with the Heavenly Bodies for the SMW Tag Team Championship.

Kessler talks with Jim Cornette and the Punisher, with Cornette gloating about the achievements of his group at Fire on the Mountain.  However, he is upset that Buddy Landel made a lot of mistakes and did not win the Intercontinental Championship.  Landel interrupts, accusing Cornette of costing him the match.  Cornette warns Landel that if he loses to Brad Armstrong at Fire on the Mountain that he is fixing to be demoted.  Landel is having none of that, saying that he is going to beat Armstrong because Cornette is not going to be in his corner.  Landel storms off and Cornette chases after him.

Tune in next week to see Shawn Michaels vs. Buddy Landel and the Undertaker vs. Unabom from The Super Bowl of Wrestling!

The Last Word:  The Ron Wright package was good in educating new fans about his career and trying to sell fans on attending Fire on the Mountain to honor him.  Buddy Landel is gearing up for a face turn, but if he does turn that is going to leave the company without a strong heel to book against him.

Before Fire on the Mountain, SMW ran a few house shows in Tennessee.  Here are the results of those cards, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Cookeville, Tennessee – The Community Center – August 10, 1995 (300):     Robert Gibson pinned Thrasher…Tommy Rich & the Punisher defeated Boo Bradley & the Mongolian Stomper when Rich pinned Bradley…The THUGS defeated PG-13 when the Dirty White Boy pinned J.C. Ice…Brad Armstrong beat Buddy Landel via disqualification in a match for the held-up SMW Championship…SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies beat the THUGS.

Lenoir, North Carolina – Mulberry Street Recreational Center – August 11, 1995 (523):      Robert Gibson pinned Mosh at 9:09…Tommy Rich pinned Boo Bradley at 22:29…Al Snow beat Tracy Smothers…Brad Armstrong beat Buddy Landel via disqualification at 10:32 in a match for the held-up SMW Championship…SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies defeated the THUGS, the Dynamic Duo, and the Headbangers in a four corners elimination match when Dr. Tom Prichard pinned the Dirty White Boy at 25:22.  The Headbangers were eliminated first and the Duo was eliminated second when Tracy Smothers pinned Al Snow.

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