They’re Fighting Over Shampoo!

I was pretty excited to see Miro show up in AEW after years of being underutilized in WWE…  And then his first feud winds up being over a broken video game?  Just seems like a pre-show match with Best Friends coming off their feud with Santana & Ortiz is something that’s going to do nothing for any of the parties involved, especially considering why they’re fighting.

But it got me thinking… Is Edge vs. Booker T still the standard bearer for stupid reasons for guys to have a rivalry?  What else since has made you roll your eyes and think “They’re Fighting Over Shampoo!”?

There’s been a lot lately.  The “feud” between Sheamus and Jeff in particular was eye rolling stuff but Covid-19 excuses a lot of nonsense.  I think the worst one that was supposed to be something major was the Cena vs UT deal from a couple of years ago where the entire point was Cena wanting a WM match and somehow unable to get one.