Raven leading ECW Invasion in 1997?

Raven was actually treated like a fairly big deal for his WCW debut. During the climactic nWo vs. WCW brawl that was closing Nitro, Curt Hennig makes his WCW debut and then Raven hops the guard rail with Hogan looking at him suspiciously. It was kinda awesome
and all sorts of intriguing. Of course Hennig ended up just nWo goon 3437479898 and Raven
ends up leading a group of generic jobbers in a generic heel stable. My question is do you think Raven leading a quasi ECW “invasion” against both the nWo and WCW would've
worked in 97? I'd have to think from a storyline standpoint it'd be interesting but would the casual crowd give a s---? Alternately take away the ECW invasion part, do you think Raven just on his own perhaps could've been a bigger deal had they included him
with the likes of Hogan, Flair, Sting, Hall, Nash, DDP, Savage as it looked like they were going to do that first night?

I think he could have been a bigger deal for sure.  Sticking him in the go-nowhere feud with Stevie Richards pretty much pegged him as a midcard guy from the start.