How Do You Like Your Tournaments?

Hey Scott–

Hopefully no one was placing bets on the first round of the AEW tournament. I think we all saw the results of the first matches coming from a mile away (and I'm pretty sure we all know where the finals are headed…)

I don't say this like it's necessarily a bad thing. Look at the NBA playoffs: Every few years you might get some shocking first-round upset, but normally you can predict to the letter that the 1 seed will beat the 8 seed, the 2 seed beats the 7 seed, etc.

What do you prefer in your pro wrestling tournaments? Shocking twists, turns, and upsets? Or with an air of logic and predictability?

I prefer logic.  We know it's coming down to Page v. Omega and it makes the tournament better because we're getting what we want in the finals instead of some stupid swerve for the sake of it.