What’s the most awkward match you can think of

Awkward both in terms of style clash and also splitting the crowd. Can be a “dream match” or something that happened or could happen.  For some random reason a potential match that came to mind would be if in 1998 they ran RVD vs. New Jack. Talk about two completely different styles and who the hell would the crowd go for? You'd have New Jack's music blasting the whole time as per usual but RVD getting his stuff in….how would the crowd react to this.

Or if in 1990 WWF did Hogan/Warrior vs. The Bushwackers! I mean I have to think the crowd would be firmly behind Hogan and Warrior but could you imagine how f------ WEIRD that would be?

Another would have been Hogan vs. Bruno in 1984 at something like MSG. I asked in another email why they didn't ever try this match and everyone rightfully so said it would split the crowd in a bad way and just be awkward.

What's the most awkward you think of?

Man, I've seen some trainwrecks in my time.  Sabu was a guy who was great with the right opponent but could go completely off the rails with the wrong one.  I'd say if you put him in there with someone who needs to obsessively plan everything out, like DDP, the results would probably be gloriously awful.