Saturday Night Fight Thread – October 24, 2020


I dunno, is there anything going on tonight?  I’m watching the new Borat on Amazon Prime later, but the UFC was last night.  I think it’s game 4 of the World Series but I have zero interest in who wins that one.

I think tonight is Bound for Glory?  If you’d like to order the show on FiteTV, please do so via my link because I get of a cut of it.  I actually had enough credits saved up to pre-order both Full Gear and Talk’n Shop a Mania 2 next month, which is pretty sweet.

Currently I’m in the midst of reviewing the October 25 1976 MSG show on the Network because it’s got my boys Bruno and Andre on the same show and any chance I can get to see them in their primes these days, I’m taking.

Surprisingly the SNME shows have really dropped off in popularity on the blog, which I find strange because it’s seemingly right in the wheelhouse of everyone here.  Oh well, I love doing them and it makes me happy.  I’m also wanting to get back to the 1990 Clash of Champions shows as well but I’m kind of avoiding Junkyard Dog v. Ric Flair as long as I can.

That’s all I got tonight.  On a totally random note, there was a thread about toxic wrestling fans and  a bunch of people commented how this is their favorite place to discuss wrestling because it’s totally not toxic, and I just want everyone to know how much I appreciate hearing that because I worked really hard to build that kind of environment for everyone.  It was pretty tough going during the early part of the Covid crisis as far as numbers, but things have completely turned around coming out of the summer and we’re back to levels that would be considered far above average for the time of year.  So thanks for stopping by and talking wrestling and reading my stuff.  And have a great night.