RF Video Shoot Interview with Tom Brandi

Have been wanting to give this a watch again for a while, and as I didn’t post anything last night on the first night of my week off work I figured I’d throw it up alongside the Joe review. Brandi wasn’t a big star, although he worked for WCW and the WWF, but the trailer at the time (circa 2005) was quite juicy, so thought it might be fun to recap.

Was he a fan growing up? Absolutely, from when he was a kid. He got into wrestling because he was a fan for a long time. It never grew out of him.

Who was he a fan of? Bruno for a start with the Italian connection. As a kid for him, you cheered the good guys and booed the heels, but he loved Superstar Billy Graham, who was way before his time. He was more of an adult when Hogan was the man, but he looked at him as a peer rather than an idol. In the early days of his career he modelled himself on Martel and Santana.

What was he doing before getting into wrestling? He was in the family business, but he was already thinking about becoming a wrestler.

How did he break in? He got to know King Kahlua at the gym. Then he headed down to Memphis to work full time.

How did breaking in differ then as compared to the present? There’s a school on every corner now, but you really needed to be talented to get in back then. There are too many wrestlers today and too few places to wrestle.

First match? In Newark, and he was scared to death. Everyone was Hispanic at the show. Gypsy Joe Rodriguez was his first opponent, then he wrestled later in the evening with Larry Winters in a tag team against two guys who had took it upon themselves to blade their opponents in the previous hour of taping and one had gone ballistic, so he was constantly checking his forehead on every punch for blood.

Was he always into physical fitness? Appearance was a big concern, but he worked out at a clean gym and was big enough already. He didn’t get into steroids, but wasn’t 100% against it if the right opportunity came up like getting a belt, but it didn’t so he didn’t.

What was the biggest misconception he had before getting in? He’s read a Gorilla Monsoon article about how you had to be an amateur first, so joined the high school team and was good at it but found it boring. It taught him determination and dedication, but wasn’t a necessary thing for being a pro. He didn’t know before getting in that there’d be politics and nepotism, though.

Mentors? King Kahlua, who never made it big but always worked regularly alongside his full time job, and was a good wrestler who brushed shoulders with lots of stars, but didn’t want to quit the main job or leave his family.

Goals? He tried to put aside “cosmetic” things like belts and glory because it’s set-up and the best guys don’t always get the best pushes.

Was it frustrating in the early days? He was lucky because he made good progress and benefited from his friendship with Mike Kahlua. He got booked a lot as a result all over and made money throughout his career.

What was the Pennsylvania independent scene like? There were guys you’d see lots of like the Cheetah Kid (Rocco Rock) who he remembers well and booked him a lot in the early days. DC Drake and Larry Winters were around, but not a lot of good wrestlers. He was also close with Mick Foley, Shane Douglas, and Dominic DeNucci, who booked him overseas.

Who was around that didn’t make it big? Kahlua wasn’t as big as he could’ve been. Lots of guys came and went, but sometimes they didn’t stick around long enough.

Did he get ripped off much in the early days? His first night was a $20 rubber cheque that he still keeps. Overseas tours ended up with no money. He recalls Mark Tendler, who’s an interesting character who was as shady as shady could be, which ended up earning him a bullet in the back of his head (he was involved in a lot of mob stuff like drugs and strip clubs).

Did Joel Goodhart’s radio show help the scene a lot? Definitely. DeNucci booked him on the premise of selling fifty tickets. He sold all but seven and paid for the rest himself to get on the show. He then had to lose to Mr. Haiti, who was terrible. Joel was involved in the promotion but got too much of a big head. They’re friends, but he changed.

How did he first get involved with the big companies? He turned up for TV tapings and did a dark match with Reno Riggins, which didn’t result in anything, but it was a good start. He was really impressed by the character production machine and said to himself he’d be there some day. He then went to Puerto Rico and sent a letter and some pictures to WCW, which resulted in a call.

How did they first make contact? He was working for the AWF and he heard from Magnum TA, who said they needed a tag team partner for Tom Zenk. He’d get singles wins over a rookie Diamond Dallas Page, who he jokes about having a career resurgence when Eric Bischoff started banging Kimberly. He was friends already with Cactus Jack, Scotty Flamingo and Rick Rude, so fit in fine. Mostly it was a brotherhood, but there were guys that hated one another, often out of jealousy, citing Zenk as a good example, who had his whipping boys like Vince McMahon, Dustin Rhodes and Bill Watts who he’d never shut up about.

How does he react to Zenk claiming that the only reason he got a job was that he sent in pictures of himself and Bill Watts hired him only upon getting approval from the girls in the office that he was a stud? Well, if he was hired to be one half of a heartthrob tag team he hopes that was the case! They looked alike, and Zenk wasn’t a bad guy, but was just so bitter. Zenk had gone through “the Martel saga that will never go away – they were sleeping together – all that stuff!”. He’d also seen guys like Pillman and Bagwell surpass him.

This segues into a Dusty impression of how he got his name, which was based on a great picture of him in a suit with his championship belt over his shoulder: “I looked at your pictures and thought we got a good looking guy here! I see that suit and you look like a mobster! I see a mobster, I see you shooting them bullets! I see those bullets coming from a gun! I see this guy, I think Johnny, then it came to me – Johnny too good lookin’ mother fuckin’ Gunn if you will, baby!”

He repeated the story to Zenk who would tell the story more than Tom did over time. He was cool with everyone, but his best friend was 2 Cold Scorpio because he had such a good attitude. Nothing against Erik Watts, but he was a prime example of nepotism. Dustin Rhodes was better as Goldust. He thinks the fans know who’s being pushed down their throats and resent it (Lex Luger). Going back to Scorpio, it was impossible to have a bad match with him.

Did Zenk ever confide what happened with Martel? Not really, other than snide remarks about how he was “Pat’s boy” and that he wasn’t paid as well. This suddenly turns into how “he (Brandi) will call a fag a fag any day – I’ll get to Pat Patterson in a second!”, but he summarises Zenk as a nice but miserable guy who was using muscle relaxers FAR too heavily (Jim Cornette has said that he’d never seen Zenk not stoned or high). He then talks about how Ted Petty and Johnny Grunge’s deaths were surprising and not surprising. Grunge wasn’t a surprise and he just disappeared off the scene, but Petty kept himself healthy.

What was Bill Watts like? He was fine, not as bad as people say, but he was outdated. He tended to have more to do with Dusty. He adopted an “If you can’t beat them, join them” attitude and decided not to be a squeaky wheel.

Who did he ride with? Scorpio, Zenk, Joey Maggs, Ron Simmons, who had a great “What the fuck?” and “Oh, hell!” attitude, Brad Armstrong too. He had to ride with good guys because of kayfabe and a lot of his riding partners didn’t share his new enthusiasm because they were locked in place, but they were fine.

Were the Steiners bullies? He knew Scott in Memphis and had only recently met Rick, but missed them in WCW. He loves Scott and doesn’t think they’re bullies. JBL definitely was the biggest bully he knew, who would pick on guys like Brian Christopher, who he taped up around the ankles and wrists and stuck toothbrushes and stuff like that up his arse while Jerry Lawler had to sit and watch, because it’s not like he could come and save him and make any of it look good. He’d use his size as an advantage and Brandi was gleeful that Bart Gunn knocked him out.

What was Jake Roberts like? He remembers him more from the WWF, where he was an agent. They sacked him when he sold his rent-a-car for crack. He looks like shit and drugs got the better of him. Nobody could look up to him and laughed at him. As a wrestler, a professional, but in every other aspect a no-hoper.

What was Sting like? A professional, and all the boys worked out at his and Luger’s gym in Atlanta. He travelled mostly with Bagwell. He didn’t like when he went for the dull Crow look.

And Luger? They have only met a few times, always in different places.

What were the Wrecking Crew (Rage and Fury) like? Both fine, both stiff. One was Al Green and the other was Animal’s brother – “the K-Mart Road Warriors… it wasn’t like being in there with Blanchard and Anderson!”.

Vader and Sid? Sid’s alright, Vader’s a miserable bastard and a bully, too stiff. Sid was nice, but they both thought they were better than you and one time made a scene out of Zenk and Brandi getting served in a restaurant before them.

Ric Flair? Wasn’t around him that much, but he was a true professional. Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton, who was a great guy, were his main buddies. He finds it depressing that he’s still wrestling and that it’s a rib for Vince that he’s still using him.

How bad were politics in WCW? Heavy. Zenk would beat it to death about Dustin and Erik. Your push depended on who brought you in and your level was predetermined. The fans were reacting negatively to the “down your throat” pushes. Politics are a reality of life, though, and he made money despite it. Lots of promoters screwed him but he bit his tongue and didn’t burn his bridges.

Is he surprised at the success of Kevin Nash? Vinnie Vegas and DDP as a team were terrible and the latter was prone to scripting his matches, which guys like Chris Benoit threw back in his face. Nash’s size was appealing to Vince, hence his success. Page benefited from being in with better guys but would go to pieces if something went wrong in a match.

More on the DDP/Bischoff wife swapping stuff? He knows it’s true despite what everyone says. DDP would pimp out Kimberly, who was a shot girl at the Cheetah Club, and the push followed.

Shane Douglas? They broke in at a similar time. Shane was never happy. Teamed up with Ricky Steamboat as a tag team champion, still not happy. He signed on the promise of a nightly degree, so wasn’t happy about not making the same pay as Steamboat. He would bitch and moan about the matches going too long. Money was never good enough, the push was never good enough, and he was never, ever happy. He’d greet him fondly if he saw him, but that doesn’t change his opinion. He recalls Halloween Havoc in ’92 where he, Douglas and Zenk were booed out of the building in Philly. He got some slack being so new, but Douglas and Zenk ate a lot of shit off the crowd while Eaton, Anderson and Hayes were cheered like heroes.

How did things change when Bill Watts was fired? Not drastically, as Rhodes was booking and Ole Anderson was around. You could see who Rhodes’ boys were, like Windham and Dustin, so a lot of other guys weren’t allowed to surpass them. Scorpio should’ve been pushed to the top, but he was kept down so Dustin could be a star.

How did his WCW run come to an end? He was on a cut list along with the Wrecking Crew, Rob Van Dam and others. He wishes he could’ve turned heel to extend his run.

What were his career plans after that? He had loads of promoters calling him after he’d been on TV, so he kept busy and stayed in everyone’s good graces. He’d wrestle more than half the month, which is good for an independent worker. He also got four All Japan tours replacing Zenk after he blotted his copybook. It was nice to say he’d wrestled in Japan, but they could keep it because it was gruelling.

Dennis Coralluzzo? A great guy, a shit stirrer, a piece of work, would bury people and make fun of people, so was really entertaining and a lot like him. He was partners for a long time with Joe Panzarino and Gino Moore, died far too soon. His favourite Dennis story is the time he booked Ahmed Johnson and Johnson stayed at the hotel, resulting in him giving out his phone number to the fans so they could harass him for no-showing.

What was the NWA title tournament like? It was nice to be in the mix, but the NWA was nothing at that time. The NWA was Ric Flair in North Carolina, not a crowd of fifty people in Cherry Hill, NJ, with a bunch of promoters arguing with each other about the right to the name.

ECW? A down time for him, and he remembers when he and Paul Heyman were kids in New York in the crowd taking pictures, but when he got to ECW he changed. He was a manipulator and did it with loads of guys. He remembers being ECW tag team champions with Tommy Dreamer, but wouldn’t prioritise the ECW dates over all others, so when Paul kept changing dates on him he just didn’t come back. He saw him again in the WWF and they were fine, but he wouldn’t stop in the street to say hello to him.

Tommy Dreamer? Always up Heyman’s arse. He followed Brandi to a lot of places. They could’ve done more stuff together if their timetable was in sync.

Taz and Kevin Sullivan? Sullivan was fine, but he had small man syndrome, as did Brian Pillman and Jose Gonzalez. He remembers Taz getting a tryout in WCW and everyone laughing at him because he looked like a frog and joked about whether they were booking midget wrestling now. He liked Taz, but he could see what they meant. With Sullivan, he had his first normal conversation where he didn’t feel like he was looking down on him.

Sabu? “Too much drugs, always fucked up, passing out. Great athlete, doing crazy stuff, but we did a benefit for him last year because he couldn’t pay his hospital bills – it doesn’t make sense to me. If you have to take all the shit you do for the crazy stuff you’re doing then don’t do it.”

How did he get into the WWF? He got a call from Bruce Prichard after checking in with him. He then read the Meltzer sheet and a report about how the WWF had hired five guys to be mid-to-lower card jobbers. The other four were Bill Irwin, Tracy Smothers, Alex Porteau and Tony Anthony. Brandi called the group KOD5 – the Kiss of Death Five. Everyone was solid workers, so they needed extra people on the crew to bump up the roster. They did a costume fitting for everyone and Brandi got the Salvatore Sincere gimmick, which was to be a brash and cocky Italian, which was what he was. Irwin played hockey, Tracy got named after Jack and Gerry Brisco, Porteau had an amateur wrestling background and Anthony worked with his dad as a plumber.

He feels he did the best of the five because he got to be a more realistic character, a chicken-shit heel, with great white and fuchsia colours for TV. He was the only one to get his contract extended and got matches with the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels on Raw and Superstars. Shawn looked at him as no big deal, but he brought it to him and they had a good match. He gave him good chops because “Shawn’s a pussy – who’s he gonna beat up?”. The Undertaker match was really solid too and he didn’t look out of his depth. He also got to have matches with Flash Funk that were often the highlights of house shows. He knew he had no angels in his corner, but he hustled and did OK.

Initial impressions of Vince? Non-confrontational, which is probably based off bad encounters with Nailz. All business, very complimentary regardless of who you are, but the knife goes in your back when your around the corner. He doesn’t want to get sucker punched by a Tom Brandi, so the agents get to be the devil’s advocate for him and tell you you’re jobbing.

Any promises? Most of his conversations were with Bruce Prichard “which got old really fucking fast”. He was promised more of a push and would use evidence of his good matches to support that, but it would go nowhere, even when Vince Russo gained power. His only current WWE contact is Stevie Richards (“the most bitter man in wrestling”), who saw someone like Chris Masters caving his face in and getting a push while he’s looking over his shoulder for four years waiting for the sack. He’s seen Stevie not be able to have a girlfriend or a life because he’s at the whim of Vince McMahon.

What was the locker room like and how were politics there? Heavy while Shawn and Triple H (“ages before he was banging Steph”) were in, with Chyna “looking like a guy, then having the big fucking tits put on her and pumped up to fill her out”. All he could do was have good matches, keep his nose clean and cash the cheques.

What were the Clique like? Individually, fine, but as a group they’d act so far above everyone else. Triple H used to have a joke of not seeing people for a few weeks and then going “What are you on?! Are you on the gas?! Get off the needle!”, which he finds ironic considering how heavy he got into HGH and steroids. Shawn was always fine and would riff off his Sal Sincere lines. Being able to use the mic was a good thing for Brandi because it helped him get over, to the point he’d get boos before he even started talking with his insincere bullshit.

Bret Hart? “Loved him.” His best friend after Scorpio was Owen Hart, so when Bret, Davey Boy and Neidhart left they hooked up with Owen and would include him in his scams, like calling up Planet Hollywood and saying that he could get in big guys like “the Undertaker and Kane and Steve Austin… and Owen Hart and Sal Sincere”, with the others obviously not showing up and Owen and Brandi getting a free meal and all the toys and clothes. Bret was a bit of a loner but a total professional and treated everyone as an equal. Owen had people in every town driving him around and houses to stay at, saving loads on hotel and car rental bills. When Brandi left, he handed on the Planet Hollywood deal to Jeff Jarrett.

What was the heat like between Bret and Shawn? Bret hated Shawn more and Shawn took it more. He was around at Montreal as well as their famous fight where Bret ripped out Shawn’s hair. Legitimate hatred.

What’s the deal with Pat Patterson? “Everything you’ve ever heard about Pat is true – the biggest fucking queer on God’s green Earth!” He’d seen the exposes with Mel Phillips and the like at the time and recently. He knows he was Pat’s type and Pat was a cock watcher around the showers and when people were getting changed. Patterson would try and flirt and Brandi would laugh him off, so Patterson would joke back that he’d make him do jobs. He’d have his boys around – “he was like a kid in a candy store – a faggot in a room with all cock floating around”. Pat took his frustrations out on him one time after he’d turned babyface and had him be the first man eliminated from the 1998 Royal Rumble, which he didn’t give a shit about because it was the same money regardless, whereas Bradshaw was in there for ages and passed out in a pile when he got backstage.

How were Nash and Hall? He never met Hall and Nash was gone by the time he got there. He was booked against Vinnie Vegas in WCW in ’93 and one night he didn’t turn up and the Barbarian substituted for him. Rumour had it that he’d got hurt, but he knew it was bullshit as he’d left the night before. Then he was in the WWF as Diesel. They then saw each other at the NATPE convention when he was in the AWF and Diesel was in the WWF.

Why was he held back? Because he was slotted from the beginning. Tony Anthony was the shits, no pun intended, as TL Hopper. Tracy Smothers wasn’t marketable, neither was the Goon or the Pug.

Memories of the Undertaker? He would’ve liked to have wrestled him more than once. He was a bit anxious about wrestling him, but not nervous. They felt each other out in the one match and he feels they could’ve had an even better match with more time. He was able to get some good offence in against him, as opposed to just being squashed.

Memories of the Rock? “That’s a whole other segment! A whole story in itself!” They were friends from the beginning and when he was brought in they asked him to look after him. The Rock had everything from the legitimate sports background, family connections, body, look, “half-coon, half-Samoan”, and was a great guy. Then IT happened. They turned him heel, put him in the Nation, and he changed. Previously, the Rock was the sort of guy who would pull strings and ask for Brandi to be his opponent on house shows. Brandi was also friends with “the brothers”, meaning he’d share a car with Scorpio, Ron Simmons, Mark Henry “and Brian Christopher, because he was up the Rock’s ass and everyone hated him, he was another midget”. When he got his heel push he would look the other way if they passed in the hallway, so he can’t imagine how he is now. “Loved him at first, hated him at the end.”

Memories of Steve Austin? Good guy, they worked together in WCW. He was a good comedian in the dressing room, everything you see on TV, a professional. He’d become bitter in WCW, but better in the WWF.

Road stories from the WWF? Plenty with Owen. Also, driving with Scorpio and the brothers, because there was a cloud of smoke in the car. Before it was Van Hammer, RVD and Scorpio who were the pot boys in WCW. He’d also share a room with the Godwinns because of when they were in WCW. They were a bit different when they were in BSK. Brandi avoided the cliques, was always clean, looked after his appearance, didn’t kiss Patterson’s arse, just focused on making money. He remarks on how maybe not taking steroids hindered his progress.

This transitions into a rant about the pre-Wellness WWE, “where everyone looks like they share the same needle”. No characters, just all guys with a look, including Joey Mercury, who pumped up and not because “he worked out and took his vitamins”. Brandi preferred wrestling when everyone was different,

Marc Mero and Sable? “Oh, that was nice, those big, fat tits! Those tits were beautiful!” Marc was cool in WCW, but in the WWF he was like Randy Savage, where he never let Elizabeth out of his sight, except it was Sable now. Brandi’s surprised the guys didn’t dogpile Mero so Shawn could bang her. He compares it to Shawn banging Sunny while Candido is knocking on the door for her to come out for their match. If Sable took a shit or a piss, Mero would be their to wipe her arse or her fanny. Also, they’d fuck with Mero by doing stuff like telling him to shave his head, then tell him to grow it back because it doesn’t suit him. To that extent, Brandi would be given the job of having to put his hands on Sable, which he was absolutely fine with, but he knew it was driving Mero crazy because they were supposed to be born again Christians. It was fun to do something with him even if it wasn’t the biggest deal. They got a few months out of it with him helping him be a heel as a veteran babyface.

This transitions into how he left the WWF, which was because they wanted him to do jobs as Tom Brandi. He didn’t mind doing them under another name, but not as himself (in Axl Rotten’s original RF Video shoot, he criticised Brandi for being a mark about that [“When you’re Italian, and when you’re sincere…”]). He didn’t want people he’d grown up with seeing him as a loser. He could see the writing was on the wall with no angle or pushes, so handed his notice in. They wanted him to do the job to Kurrgan where he’d drag him backstage in the clawhold, so he lied and said he had an injury as a fuck you to them, then did a match with a local guy against the Rock and Ron Simmons, so quit. He then made more money on the indies that year than he did the last year in the WWF.

Did he ever think of going back to ECW? Never thought about it. He had money saved up, everything he had was paid for, including a new home. He had a tanning shop as part of a franchise. He’d been in the AWF and seen everyone from Bob Orton to Koko to even Sgt. Slaughter down on their luck, except for Tito Santana, so he took influence from him. He looked at Jimmy Snuka as an icon, but he was wrestling aged 63 because he couldn’t do anything else as he couldn’t read or write. Some guys have got trapped in what they do and can’t give up wrestling. Honky was another guy who taught him to look after his money.

Any Honky stories? One of his closest friends, he talks to him weekly. His favourite story is Honky calling up promoter Doug Gibson JUST AFTER Big Boss Man had died to ask if he could take his booking. Gibson told Brandi and when he, Honky, Beefcake and Kahlua were together he teased him about knowing about it, he got embarrassed, but then started getting proud about it, saying “Hell, Tom, I’m an entertainer! I’ll jump on that train before anyone else can!”.

King Kong Bundy? He loves being around the legends for the entertainment. Bundy complains about anything and everything in an endearing way. If he’s not booked, he slates the promoter and the wrestler, and nobody takes offence, so he winds him up about whoever and sets him off – “The next time he says something nice about someone will be the first time!”.

What happened with the AWF? It just ran out of money. Paul Alperstein came in like gangbusters, made millions out of card machines and credit cards. Tito and Sarge were his top guys and bookers, with them and Greg Valentine on payroll. Brandi was paid great and on top, but it ran out of money.

Who are his favourite and least favourite guys to work with? No real least favourites as he makes the best out of everything, just as long as they’re not unsafe. Favourites were Kahlua and Scorpio. He wishes he could’ve wrestled Bret, Owen, Shawn more, Ric Flair, Hogan. He showed his son his match with Mero and was proud of it. His best match in the WWF was with Aldo Montoya, to the point where they asked backstage what had gotten into them.

What’s it like on the independent scene with all the dangerous guys? Even the rings can be dangerous, and there are a lot of guys who are inexperienced. He’ll always give 100%, but there are things he won’t do depending on the crowd size and also considering his age. He feels great, but just wants to be smarter about things.

Who’s the best worker on the indies not in WWE? A lot got taken up in TNA, like AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. Crowbar should still be working for a big company. Ace Darling and Simon Diamond got lost in the shuffle. Steve Corino’s getting work with his King of Old School character. For many, their time will come.

Which four matches would he put on a tape for his grandkids? There are matches with Kahlua from ICW that are exciting, but then there are his matches with Scorpio, the Rock, Shawn and the Undertaker, then some WCW matches.

Does it bother him when he sees less talented guys on TV? It did at one time, but not so much now. Every wrestler has watched TV and seen someone they’d say “I’m better than this guy!” about. He’d see the Warlord walking like a robot and Johnny B. Badd green as grass.

How did he wind up getting the Patriot gimmick? He was working on army bases with Honky and Jake Roberts and Brian Knobbs and Brian Lee. The promoter was trying to get hold of Del Wilkes, who was falling apart because of steroid and drug use. Honky suggested that Brandi had the same build without the gas, so he asked permission as they knew each other from Japan, and as he’d moved on he gave his blessing and he’s done it ever since. It’s given him years and dollars and will work some shows as both characters for a double payday. He thanks Honky for the idea. There’s a difference between being the Patriot, where it looks like quality, as opposed to the millionth Doink.

Did the stories about Del Wilkes’ drug use hurt the Patriot gimmick? It came and went. He’s selling cars in his hometown, so it’s not a problem. If he was still around he wouldn’t do the gimmick.

Would he want to be a road agent or writer or booker for a big company? Not really, he didn’t have the connections. Plus he’s married and has a kid with another on the way, so he’s happy with that.

What advice would he give guys who want to get into WWE? Keep on plodding along, stay clean, stay healthy, stay fit, get a rep on the internet, be a squeaky wheel, send in tapes, show your face, go to the events, hope for the best.

Would he want to go back to WWE? 95% no, but never say never. He’s glad Vince never got a chance to destroy him, so doesn’t know whether he’d want to. He could call up Johnny Ace, who he tagged with in Japan, but no need to.

Any regrets? No, he was there long enough, made a nice nest egg, stuck to his principles, so he’s fine. He’d have put everyone and still would as Sal Sincere, but not as Tom Brandi because he didn’t want to embarrass his family or himself.

Are there any promoters he has bad feelings towards? Not really, but he has a dead promoters list. He’s looked the other way a lot of times and always wants to take a booking, but Frank Goodman is the biggest piece of shit he’s ever met. Goodman was a self-trained wrestler who let his ego get out of check. He’d never book him, but then call him up as a fill-in for half price. He asked him about it and got a bullshit answer, so he told him not to call him again. It was a lack of respect thing.

What about Carmine Sabia, “the boy in the bubble”? He denies that he’s the reason that he’s the boy in the bubble because of something he’s done. He’s agoraphobic. They’ve had minimal contact with another.

What makes a good match and a good angle? Lots of hard work and people being involved in it. On the smaller league, knowing your opponent well and putting stuff together. TV makes angles work, building and building.

Any last words to the fans? He’s been a wrestling fan since five and the fans have always been good to him. Few regrets and a good life, so he’s thankful for what he got because wrestling provided it for him. He was never the greatest, never the worst, but found his niche.

Conclusion: Great shoot interview, incredibly funny at times with the Owen and Sable stories, and Tom’s lack of political correctness, while not something to emulate, and straightforward attitude made it entertaining to listen to.