Mr Perfect in 92

Hey Scott,

Been watching Survivor Series ‘92 on the network, where Mr Perfect replaces the Ultimate Warrior a week before the show for the tag main event. I was wondering, what were the original plans for Hennig’s in-ring return if the Warrior hadn’t left? I’m assuming he must have been cleared at that point to return from injury so it was just a matter of time before he was wrestling again. Would he have turned on Flair anyway or do you reckon there was still some mileage in that partnership? If they’d kept him a heel and convinced Flair to stay with the company, Flair/Perfect versus Hogan/Beefcake at WrestleMania IX might have been an interesting alternative to what we ended up with.

Thanks in advance!

Perfect really didn't want to return because he was collecting insurance and Vince had to back up the dump truck of money to get him in the ring again.  If Warrior hadn't left, I don't see Perfect getting back in the ring for a long time.