A Giant Mistake

Hello Scott


Reading about the clusterscmozz that was El Gigante vs. Great Muta brought
back a few questions I’ve been wondering about the big guy, namely: WHY??


What in the world possessed WCW to go after this guy in the first place? He
was a lanky, skinny, awkward basketball player who had never wrestled a day in
his life. I still remember the picture of Ted Turner posing proudly next to him
as if he had just discovered wrestling’s next big thing. What was the appeal?
Were they just looking to stick it to the WWF by finding someone taller than
Andre (even though he was all but done by 1990)?


Subsequently, what did the WWF see in him to sign him away? Even after a
year of training and several years on the main roster Gonzalez was still the
drizzling shits in the ring. I know they wanted a monster heel to put against
Undertaker, but Taker wasn’t exactly lighting up the ring in 93—did they
actually trust him to get a decent match or two out of the big slug? Or was
someone at the WWF given misinformation about Gonzalez’ in-ring skills? I just
don’t get it.

He was a tall basketball player, so I guess they thought they could make something out of him.  Granted WCW had the excuse of not knowing in advance, but I don't know what Vince was thinking.  Maybe he just thought WCW didn't know what to do with him and he did?  That would certainly fit with him.