Are A Majority of Wrestling Fans Toxic?

Hey Scott. Hope all is well. 

I wanted to pick your brain since you interact with way more wrestling fans than I do. Are a majority of fans simply too toxic to talk wrestling with? I see a lot of conversations resemble how bad things can get with Star Wars and the whole Marvel vs DC Thing.

As a fan since 1992, I remember people use to debate during the Monday Night Wars about who was better: WCW or WWF. The conversations never got personal as we discussed rosters, match quality, etc. 

The last two years or so I've noticed things have changed, especially in the NXT/AEW debate. It kind of sucks the enjoyment out of it for me as people seem to take extreme offense if you prefer a type of wrestling that they don't. 

 As a lifetime WWF/WWE fan, I recently cancelled my subscription to the Network to give New Japan a try. I absolutely love it. I'm sure part of that love is just because it's new a different, but it seems to be the type of wrestling I gravitate towards. A buddy of mine- that I've known a long time- completely ripped into me. It doesn't stop me from watching New Japan, but I've kind of avoided talking wrestling with him since then because he's such a pain about it. 

Does any of this toxic stuff bum you out when it comes to talking to fans?

Some does.  Granted I'm guilty of deliberately stoking the silly Wednesday Night War stuff where it's not needed because every time I do my ad revenue shoots up by like 150%, but that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.  And I don't blame you one bit for getting away from WWE and going to New Japan.  I wouldn't go out of my way to watch the current product either but it's 90% of what drives traffic to the site, so my perspective on it is of course very different.  That being said, I personally don't interact much with wrestling fans outside of the blog bubble anyway.  Mostly the discussion places I hang around outside of here are about retro gaming or comic books.