The PRIME TIME Thursday Thread: October 22, 2020

“Hello, everyone, and welcome to Prime Time Thursday as we help you navigate the mid-week’s icy waters.”

“And we figure out how to do it without any sissy football players, either.”


“He’s just a punter!  Who could he hurt?”

“If that’s how big the punter is, it makes me glad I retired.”

“Didn’t happen fast enough, in my opinion.”

“HA!  Folks, we have two big shows coming up this weekend for your viewing pleasure.  The action starts on Saturday with Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory!”

“Or as I call it, Bound for the Bargain Bin at your video store.”

“That’s not nice, Brain.  All the titles will be up for grabs, with the main event of Eric Young taking on a man out for revenge in Rich Swann!”

“Yeah, yeah, let’s see who else this show has…. Ken Shamrock?  At HIS age?”

“He’s not only facing Eddie Edwards, he’s going to go into the company’s Hall of Fame.”

“Their Hall of Fame must be easier to get into than Jack Tunney’s wallet!”

“Scuse ME!  And then on Sunday, we get to watch Hell in a Cell from the WWE’s current offerings, with Roman Reigns facing his cousin Jey Uso in a match where not only is it inside the steel confines, but the loser has to say I Quit.”

“At least they have to say it.  If they had to spell it, we’d be in all night.”

“Pretty tough for a guy sitting 100 feet away from the ring!”

“I’m not afraid of them!  I’d tell those two Hoosegows to their faces!”

“Well, what’s stopping you?”

“I’m needed here.”

“Of course.  Well, this is normally the time when I throw it to the ring for our featured bout, but the Brain said he had something else he wanted to show off.  What’s this all about, Brain?”

“Simple.  Everybody’s making a big deal about how different Chris Jericho and Maxwell Friedman were.  That’s a load of bull.  They didn’t do anything we haven’t done before and done better.  You remember this one, Monsoon?”

“Oh boy, do I ever…”

“Hey!  Stupid!  Roll the tape!”

(Bring the insanity.)