Sloppy Shop

Hi Scott,

Was curious on your thoughts on AEW rankings after a year? Whats the point if every title shot is awarded based off a battle royal, a tournament, or being named Orange Cassidy? It was bad enough beating only jobbers got you ranked top 5 but now they really jumped the shark ranking the Chairman of the Jobbers Shawn Spears in there. Like who has he beaten not on a YouTube show? None of the men top 5 are even in the tournament. If they are gonna ignore the rankings why not skip a tournament filled with half jobbers and just build a great feud between Hangman and Kenny for the number one spot. Clearly that's where they are going anyway. Hangman loses due to cheating, Kenny beats Mox, Hangman chases Kenny, seems like an easy decision to me.

Also, I know they wanted be more wrestling and sportscentric but the company has done a complete 180 from their original mission statement. Do you think the massive rating drop after the 1st two episodes changed things? I am pretty sure a year ago at that press conference they would never of thought they'd be showing Jericho/ MJF singing and dancing in a family guy rip-off dinner show. MJF should had a least one title by now, now singing about the temperature of his steak.

Maybe Jericho should also stop worrying about getting royalties from past WWE matches and be more concerned with how they leave their wrestlers lying in the ring unconscious with no one checking on them. Talk about a sloppy shop!

NXT didn't even chart in the top 50 for the third week in a row.  At least people are talking about AEW, man.