MJF/Jericho and the inevitable HHH response

So now that MJF/Jericho have gone and done a musical number which will no doubt go viral and only add to Jericho's fame and popularity, you think that HHH will probably try and top it purely out of spite and malice's sake? I mean, this is the same man who spent over a year burying the entire roster after Rock came back in the early 10s to critical acclaim for fuck's sake, because HHH couldn't contain his seething butthurt at how the fans loved Rock and welcomed him back and his role in that golden period of renewed interest in the WWE. 

Can we expect the entire roster of NXT to be forced to pay tribute to HHH in the coming weeks, complete with Cole and Gargona and Lumis and Kross and everyone else worth a damn prostrating themselves towards HHH and telling him how he's the biggest star in WWE history? Will we have to endure Asuka declaring to HHH “You truly are the king of kings!” when he saves her from the Fiend? Will Dominic Mysterio have to tell his dad on camera that HHH is his idol and that he wants to be just like him? Will Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns be forced to do a Bollywood musical number with HHH akin to Smither's “Mr Burns” pastiche that itself was based on the bit from Citizen Kane where one of Kane's flunkies does a whole song and dance number about how great Kane was? 

See, for everyone who has been getting upset at the idea of a song and dance number on a wrestling show, Jesse Baker takes it next level and turns it into an epic rant against HHH for something he hasn't even done.  This is why he's the professional.