Best PPV that looked like the worst on paper

Playing off an email from yesterday asking what show was the biggest stinker despite having a strong roster/lineup, how about we switch gears: What PPV looked like total crap on paper, but turned out to be at least a good, enjoyable effort. Doesn't have to be show of the year or anything, just good enough to reach way above projections. 

My pick would be In Your House #2 (July '95). It had the unenviable task of recovering from the King of the Ring fiasco, and on paper, didn't promise much. Diesel/Sid on top for the 3rd month in a row, Roadie in a singles spot, Men on a Mission, and boring ass Double J limping along as IC Champion. Diesel/Sid still stunk, but the Kid and Roadie (An unproven commodity) put on a really good opener, MOM vs. Razor/Savio was a solid 2 stars better than it had any right to be (I give it 2 1/2 stars), and Shawn got an all-time classic out of Jarrett (find me Double J vs. ANYONE better than “good, I guess”). Yoko/Owen vs. Allied Powers wasn't much, nor was HOG/Bigelow, but neither bad enough to kill the goodwill of the rest of the show. 

There was an early Smackdown-only PPV that seemed like a clunker but just blew everyone out of the water in 2003.  Vengeance maybe?  I just remember something from that era for whatever reason.