Wrestling Cartoon

I have very fond memories growing up in the 80s and watching Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling on Saturday mornings. So I tracked down some DVDs and just rewatched the whole series…and I was very underwhelmed. 

Maybe watching cartoons in my 40s has jaded me, but the storylines were dumb, and I forgot that none of the wrestlers voiced their own characters. Hearing Brad Garrett as Hogan was just weird and I had no clue that Will Smith's TV dad voiced Junkyard Dog. And I was surprised there were only 2 short seasons…seemed like there were more when I was a kid. 

Ah well. Did you watch it back in the day? Anything to add?

It was on the Network for about 2 seconds and then got deleted for music rights issues.  I wish they’d bring it back, I’d review the s--- out of it.  
But yeah of course I watched it as a kid.  Roddy Piper just hates that f------ ROCK N ROLL, man.  Fun fact:  The Moolah character was changed from the original design, which was going to be Mad Maxine, the next challenger to Wendi Richter.   But Maxine only lasted one show in real life and was gone, so they had to redo the cartoon plans.