What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain Wrestling – August 5, 1995

Chip Kessler and Les Thatcher are in the booth and they are still covering action from the Jellico, Tennessee tapings.

Opening Contest:  The Dynamic Duo (6-7-1) defeat Matt Hardy & Jason Arndt when Al Snow pins Hardy after a German suplex-clothesline combination at 1:57:

The THUGS are no longer the SMW tag team champions, but it unclear whether that alters Snow’s dream match where he wanted the Duo to have a rematch for the belts at Fire on the Mountain. The Duo take turns suplexing and slamming Arndt and then wipe out Hardy with a German suplex-clothesline combination that was a great idea in theory but fell short in execution.

Thatcher talks with Jim Cornette, the Punisher, and the Duo.  This show has not accounted for The Super Bowl of Wrestling so Cornette hypes the Fire on the Mountain tag team match between the Duo and the THUGS where he will be the guest referee and the man who eats the pin will have to leave SMW.  Snow is upset that the Duo are former champions, painfully saying the words.  He compares the THUGS to The Wizard of Oz, saying that Tracy Smothers is the Scarecrow and the Dirty White Boy is the Cowardly Lion.

A video package hypes USWA Tag Team Champions PG-13.

Thatcher interviews PG-13, who face the THUGS this week in Cookeville, Tennessee.  The match was booked to be title-for-title, but that stipulation no longer applies.  PG-13 vow to beat the THUGS and become the big champions of the South.

The Punisher (w/Jim Cornette) (3-0) pins Jeff Hardy after a flying leg drop at 1:19:

Jeff’s blows are not sold by the Punisher, so he tries a moonsault.  The Punisher fails to catch him, though, so Hardy goes splat instead.  A few slams and a flying leg drop finishes, with the Punisher barely able to complete the last move because he puts Hardy too far away from the corner.

Commissioner Bob Armstrong says that his son Brad will win the SMW Championship at Fire on the Mountain.  He hypes his first blood match with Jim Cornette on the card, vowing to make Cornette bleed so much he is going to need a transfusion.

Cornette, Buddy Landel, and the Punisher are interviewed by Thatcher.  After doing some token hyping of the Punisher, Cornette discusses a gauntlet that Brad Armstrong has to get through (the six-man battle royal against Cornette’s Militia) at Fire on the Mountain and how Brad will have to wrestle a mystery opponent before facing Landel for the vacant SMW Championship.  Landel doubts Brad can get through that minefield.

Thatcher narrates a video package to put over Tennessee wrestling legend Ron Wright.

The Dirty White Boy says fans will find out who he wants to wrestle in his dream match at Fire on the Mountain if they come to see the card.

After recapping the THUGS-Rock N’ Roll Express feud, the Headbangers hype their dream match against the Express at Fire on the Mountain where if the Express lose they have to wear dresses.  They frame the match as a clash of the 1970s against the 1990s.

Thatcher interviews the Express, who dismiss their match against the Headbangers.  Ricky Morton says the Express are prepared to face the Dynamic Duo at Fire on the Mountain because the Duo have stacked the deck against the THUGS.  The THUGS come out and complain about the Express asserting they do not have a chance.

Tommy Rich says he is going to beat Boo Bradley’s brains out when Bradley faces him blindfolded at Fire on the Mountain.

Jim Cornette, Rich, and the Punisher run down Boo Bradley and the Mongolian Stomper, who are wrestling Rich and the Punisher in a falls count anywhere match at Fire on the Mountain.

Tommy Rich & Terry Gordy (1-0) defeat Boo Bradley & Bobby Blayze when Gordy pins Blayze after a powerbomb at 5:19:

This is a punchy and kicky main event where all of the participants go through the motions.  Bradley gets a hot tag but referee Mark Curtis does not see it, allowing Rich to backdrop Blayze into a Gordy powerbomb.  The finishing spot is not smooth as Gordy has a tough time getting Blayze into the powerbomb position, so he just completes the move when he gets him seventy-five percent of the way up.  Bradley is drawing the short end of the stick in this feud as he has now lost five straight matches.  Rating:  ½*

After the bell, Rich, Gordy, and the Punisher beatdown Bradley three-on-one until Brad Armstrong makes the save.  The Punisher does not sell Brad’s blows, so he goes low, a spot that gets the loudest reaction on the show.

Thatcher interviews Brad, who says he is getting sick and tired of Jim Cornette.  Brad says that he thinks he can beat each member of Cornette’s Militia one at a time, so he urges for there to be a gauntlet match on next week’s program.

Tune in next week to see Brad Armstrong in a gauntlet match!  Also, the Rock N’ Roll Express face PG-13!

The Last Word:  Ricky Morton’s firing blows a big hole in the Fire on the Mountain booking.  His firing also made about half of this show obsolete as the card will not feature a Dynamic Duo-THUGS match for the titles, the Express will not be wrestling the winner of that match, and the THUGS will not be doing a title-for-title match against PG-13 on the house show circuit because SMW took the belts off of them at The Super Bowl of Wrestling.  Morton’s exit, as well as the impending departure of the Duo, bodes ill for SMW since the acts they do have is getting overexposed, a problem made worse by the decision to put every major heel in Jim Cornette’s stable.

The day after SMW hosted The Super Bowl of Wrestling they had another card in Barbourville, Kentucky that drew an above average crowd.  Here were the results of that card courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Barbourville, Kentucky – Knox Central High School – August 5, 1995 (750):  Brian Armstrong pinned Mosh…USWA Tag Team Champions PG-13 defeated Robert Gibson & Bobby Blayze…The THUGS defeated the Dynamic Duo…Terry Gordy & Tommy Rich beat Boo Bradley & the Mongolian Stomper when Rich pinned Bradley…SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies beat the THUGS when Dr. Tom Prichard pinned Tracy Smothers…Buddy Landel wrestled Brad Armstrong to a no-contest  in a match for the vacant SMW Championship.

Backstage News*:        SMW’s fan week participants went to the USWA card in Louisville on August 6 and riled people up to such a degree that they had to get a police escort from the building.

*The Dirty White Boy’s opponent at Fire on the Mountain will likely be Ron Wright to place off of the Ron Wright tribute/retirement celebration part of the show.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for August 14.

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