WWF Action Zone – May 28th, 1995


May 28, 1995

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Todd Pettengill

This week’s featured match is Savio Vega (in his first match) against Eli Blu


We get a video package from last week’s “Superstars” when Razor Ramon defeated Jacob Blu in a King of the Ring qualifying match as we saw Vega run out and fend off Eli, who was interfering in the match.


Allied Powers defeat Roy Raymond and Luis Morales from the 5/28 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” On commentary, we learned that the Powers decided that Bulldog would be the won to try and enter the King of the Ring and will face Owen Hart in a qualifying match.


The clip of Bret Hart challenging Jerry Lawler from RAW is shown.


A graphic hyping Savio Vega vs. Eli Blu then we learn that Kama is in action next.


Kama defeats Bill Weaver from the 5/28 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


King of the Ring Report is conducted by both of the hosts. We learn the winner of tomorrow’s Undertaker vs. Jeff Jarrett match will face Mabel in the first round as Pettengill says its the first time Undertaker will be involved in the King of the Ring tournament, all but giving away the outcome of tomorrow’s match. We also learn about Diesel having surgery and then hear some of that horrendous Diesel & Bigelow interview from Superstars.


Adam Bomb defeats Gus Kantarakis from the 5/28 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” Ross tells us on commentary that in one week the WrestleMania XI special will air on “National TV.”


The Bob Backlund presidential campaign ad on education airs.


Barry Didinsky shills some Undertaker t-shirt. He remains terrible in his role.


Henry Godwinn defeats John Crystal from the 5/28 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The video package for Ernie Ladd’s Hall of Fame introduction airs.


Eli Blu w/ Uncle Zebekiah & Jacob Blu vs. Savio Vega

Ross tells us that Savio now resides in the South Bronx and has a reputation as a street fighter. Eli attacks Savio before the bell. Savio avoids a kick then fights back in the corner. He fires away with mounted punches before knocking him through the ropes with a right hand. Eli returns and cheap shots Savio in the corner. Eli misses a charge though and Savio rolls him up for a two count. Savio works the arm now as Ross says the Blus remind him of Bruiser Brody. Eli fights back as Ross now says that Savio and Razor Ramon have a storied past. Uncle Zebekiah distracts the ref and that allows Jacob to use a low bridge. Jacob roughs up Savio before tossing him inside then Razor runs out and goes after Jacob and they brawl as several officials try to break them up. Eli uses a chin lock on Savio as the brawl continues on the outside. Things finally settle down as Razor and Jacob are escorted backstage. We go to break and return as Eli clotheslines Savio to the mat then dumps him outside. Eli heads out and rams Savio’s head into the steps then takes him inside and chokes him out in the corner. Savio pumps up and shrugs off some punches but gets dropped with a knee lift. Eli points and yells into the camera after a suplex then stomps but misses an elbow drop. Eli comes back with another clothesline and beats him down but only gets a one count. Eli goes to the chin lock but ducks his head and gets kicked. Savio lands a thrust kick then fires up but ends up colliding with Eli. Savio then climbs the ropes and whiffs on a flying body press. Eli lands a few stomps but misses a clothesline and Savio uses a reverse rollup for the win (10:23) 1/4*. After the match, Jacob comes back out but Razor also runs into the ring with Savio and the refs hold both teams back.

Thoughts: This match was a cure for insomnia and does seem to set up for a tag match. Eli does nothing when on offense and Savio practically did nothing when he was offense. Plodding and heatless except for Razor’s involvement.


The Bodydonnas vignette airs.


Rad Radford defeats Mike Khoury from from the 5/28 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


The show closes with Uncle Zebekiah with Jacob & Eli challenging Razor & Savio to a match for next week’s show.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was bad but it was also designed to set up for next week’s match as we get a mini angle exclusive to Action Zone. I didn’t comment much on it but I did feel the chemistry between Ross and Pettengill has improved here. Anyway, we very likely have a tag match for next week.