worst championship transition periods

One of the things that wwe has been horrible at for the past 10+ years is how they book/write from point A to point B in terms of getting a world title on someone, and yes their point A to B can just last one raw and they start all over again.  I can barely remember anything memorable recently but one period that really sticks out for whatever reason, and also for reasons i cant fathom is the following:

John Cena defeated AJ at Rumble 2017, as if Cena needed the title at this point in his career, nor was the “rub” from losing it to someone going to matter
Wyatt wins his 1st title at Elimination chamber, last eliminating AJ, NOT Cena
Orton wins the title from Wyatt at WM33 in a heatless feud that no one wanted to watch.

In the end, Cena getting the title was completely pointless, AJ's hard work was shoved aside, Wyatts first title moment wasted, and the title ends up right back to where we have seen it over, and over, and over again.  I'm sure there are worst ones, but this one just annoys the f--- out of me.  What says the blog?
I hated that whole period too.  I’d also add the recent run where they went from Braun to Fiend to Roman as well.