Is Dark a Good Thing?

Hey Scott- What are you thoughts on AEW Dark? When it first started, I saw it as something like counter programing to NWA Powerr, and brought me back to the days when Velocity was in its original airing, but since COVID it has really blown up into this massive weekly 10+ match extravaganza. Does this expose their talent too much, giving the majority of the roster a match every week, or is it largely a good thing so people can keep working on their craft, pad their win/loss records and bring up new talent?

For me it's just WAY too much of a good thing.  Sometimes I'll watch 1 or 2 matches if I hear something's good, but sitting through nearly 2 hours of squash matches with no return on investment of my time is just not happening.  30 minutes was absolutely perfect for the show, sometimes 45 if there was something really big like Omega-Janela back in the day.  Like, that's it, that's all I would want out of that kind of show, and now it's just getting into self-indulgence territory like WWE's “filling time for the sake of it” programming.